Bridging Scholarship and Pedagogy in Jewish Studies

2005 NRJE Plenary Session Videos

A Missing Paradigm? Strengthening Research on the Pedagogy of Jewish Studies

Plenary session at the NRJE (Network for Research in Jewish Education) annual conference (June 5, 2005). Click on the presenters name to view their presentation.

Jon A. Levisohn
What is the state of research on the pedagogy of Jewish studies, and which research directions should we pursue? [Download the PowerPoint slides.]

Susie Tanchel
Exploration of the documentary hypothesis can be an important part of the religious development of twelfth-graders in a pluralistic Jewish high school. [Download the PowerPoint slides.]

Alex Sinclair
Bridging scholarship and pedagogy should include research into teaching and learning practices at all age levels, as well as visions of education emerging from biblical scholarship. [Download the PowerPoint slides.]

Marc Brettler
Teachers of Bible at the college level should undertake serious investigation of their own teaching practices, including how they decide which approaches to take and in what proportion, despite the obstacles. [Download the PowerPoint slides.]

Q & A

Sharon Feiman-Nemser
We need to expand what we mean when we say “pedagogy,” what we think of as “teaching,” and who we think is qualified to do “research.”

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