Jewish Day Schools History Project

This project is an investigation into the history of Jewish day schools in America since their beginning in the early 20th century. We are exploring the origins of the idea of modern Jewish day schools, why they have developed as they have, and whether they are likely to be sustainable in the future.

Our research encompasses teacher recruitment and preparation, the “grammar” of day schools, governance, financing, and how school leaders defined Jewish literacy and desired educational outcomes in different periods. The work will rest on a foundation of original archival materials from a wide variety of day schools over the past 100 years.

We ask current and former teachers, administrators, lay leaders, donors, students, parents and other day school community members to contribute materials that could shed light on the origins, inner workings, and external relations of the school(s) with which they are or have been affiliated. Please fill out the form linked below and you will hear from us shortly.

Project leader: Jonathan Krasner

Research assistants: Becky Marcus '21 and Leo Passman '21