Portraits of Adult Jewish Learning

What do we really know about the learning experiences of contemporary Jewish adults?

The world of adult Jewish education is growing and diversifying, but to date there has been little empirical research about the learners, their teachers, the kinds of study that are meaningful, or the contexts that best support the learning journey. Through the methodology of portraiture, following the success of the Portraits of Jewish Learning project, the PAJL Fellows under the guidance of project director, Diane Tickton Schuster, are documenting what occurs in a range of educational environments.

PAJL Fellow(s)

Research Focus

Sarra Alpert
National Program Director, Avodah

Abigail Uhrman
Assistant Professor of Jewish Education, Jewish Theological Seminary

Young adults participating in Avodah’s Jewish Service Corps program

Lauren Applebaum
Co-Director, Project Orli: Research
and Leadership for Israel Education

Early childhood educators participating in Israel education seminars and an associated trip to Israel

Lourdes Arguelles
Professor of Education and Cultural Studies Emerita, Claremont Graduate University; California licensed psychotherapist

Anne Rivero
Independent Scholar; retired clinical social worker

Latinx adults in Southern California preparing for conversion to Judaism

Yaffa Epstein
Director, Wexner Heritage Program, Wexner Foundation

Tali Zelkowicz
Director, Curriculum and Research, Wexner Foundation

Communal leaders engaging in Wexner Heritage’s emergent pluralism curriculum

Miriam Raider-Roth
Director, Mandel Teacher Educator Institute (MTEI); Professor of Educational Studies, University of Cincinnati

Gail Dorph
Founding Director, MTEI

Mindy Gold
Graduate Program Leader, MTEI; Founder and Lead Consultant, EdtechMMG

Jewish educational professionals participating in online adult Jewish learning experiences

Jessica Minnen
Resident Rabbi and Director of Programs, OneTable

Al Rosenberg
Director of Strategy and Communications, OneTable

Young adults utilizing OneTable’s Feel-Do-Learn pedagogic approach

Jane Sherwin Shapiro
Co-Founder, Orot: Center for New Jewish Learning

Long-term learners studying in a community-based adult Jewish education program

Miriam Heller Stern
National Director of the School of Education, Hebrew Union College

Tobin Belzer
Contributing Fellow, Center for Religion and Civic Culture, University of Southern California

Actors learning and interpreting Jewish history as part of a cultural arts production process

Laura Yares
Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, Michigan State University

Interfaith couples exploring a Jewish cultural arts space