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In a clip from the 2013 Mandel Center Teacher Forum, Kathy Shultz presents a case study from a first grade classroom in Philadelphia, where a teacher, through her own silence and trust, sets the stage for stronger student participation.

Steve Seidel speaks in this video on how new ways of looking at student work can reveal much about learning. He explores: - How does student work make learning visible? - How can collaborative study of student work inform and improve teaching and curriculum? - What can this teach us about the life of a classroom?

In this video from the Teacher Learning Project (formerly known as the Induction Partnership), school heads, teachers and Mandel Center staff talk about the transformative effect a thoughtful induction process can have on an entire school.

This video, documenting two examples of practitioner research, grew out of two research projects at the Mandel Center for Studies in Jewish Education at Brandeis. Jocelyn Segal's research grew out of her collaboration with Orit Kent of the Beit Midrash Research Project to translate the project's research-based tools around text study and havruta learning for use in an elementary school classroom. Carl Perkin's teacher research on divrei Torah grew out of his participation in the Bridging Scholarship and Pedagogy seminar, led by Jon Levisohn.

The Beit Midrash Research Project at the Mandel Center for Studies in Jewish Education at Brandeis, partnered with the Kesher Community Hebrew School in Cambridge, MA, an innovative afternoon school, to establish a beit midrash for teachers. This beit midrash served as a professional development program and a research site for exploring the teaching of Jewish texts and havruta learning in supplementary school classrooms.

Ron Berger, Chief Program Officer of Expeditionary Learning, speaking at the 2011 Mandel Center Teacher Forum on the importance of character education and high expectations in classrooms. 

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