BEAMS Alumni

Clark University

Open Sound Concert Series, Somerville
Franklin Pierce - Studio Director

Eastern Connecticut College
SEAMUS Journal Editor

Studies with Irving Fine in the 1950s and later studied at the Columbia EMC

A pioneer in computer music currently living in Rome

Pomona College

Berklee College of Music

New England Conservatory

University of Denver. Studio Director

Roth received his Bachelor's degree from Brandeis in 2008 and has a great interest in MAX/MSP. Roth co-taught a graduate level course on incorporating Max/MSP into composition with Eric Chasalow in the Spring of 2008.

University of North Texas. Former SEAMUS President

Craig Walsh

University of Arizona

Currently working on PhD at Stanford

Notable Guest Composers

Worked in BEAMS early on, wrote two tape pieces that are in the Brandeis Archive

While he was director of the studio at Brandeis, Lucier performed on and wrote music for several concerts. The landmark, I am Sitting in a Room was created building upon a technique discovered with a member of the Brandeis Physics Department. His Music for Solo Performer also grew out of this relationship. In 1967, Lucier invited John Cage to Brandeis for a concert. Cage composed his Rozart Mix for this concert and it was premiered at the Rose Art Museum along with the Lucier Music for Solo Performer.