Jacob MacKay: Cellist


Jacob MacKay '16 began studying music at age four, originally playing violin, but switching to cello at age seven. He is currently the principal cellist of the Brandeis-Wellesley Orchestra and is a member of the Leonard Bernstein Music Fellowship. A senior at Brandeis University, Jacob is pursuing a double major in environmental studies and cello performance.


[Cello playing in background]

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JACOB: A lot of people say that music is a universal language, but I don't really agree with that.

Video on screen: Jacob playing cello in an empty theater.

Music is even more powerful than language or words can be.

I started playing classical music when I was four.

Video on screen: Jacob in a group of kids with violins.

I have five siblings who play violin, so I figured I'm gonna be the rebel.

Video on screen: Closeup of music sheet, Jacob in a classroom with a professor playing cello.

It was kind of a routine for me then, but then I came to Brandeis and realized that I could shape this into a career.

[Cello playing in background]

Video on screen: Jacob with an orchestra, playing in a theater.

Musicians have a unique role.

You play for an audience and you have the ability to affect them in some way.

And I think that's a really powerful thing.

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