The Challenge With Science is That the Goal is Always Changing


[Justin Slawson drives a car.]

Justin: A bad day is "nothing works".

[He fiddles with the car radio, turning the volume up.]

Justin: A good day is "you finally got it to work".

[Justin drums rhythmically on the car steering wheel. In the lower left corner of the screen, his name appears with his title, senior scientist. He enters a room filled with musical instruments and accessories.]

Justin: So whenever I hit a wall, the first thing I always go to is music.

[He stands in the foreground, with a guitar hanging on a wall in the background.]

Justin: Pick something where at the end of the day, you can get a win.

[Close up on a pair of hands playing a piano keyboard. Justin adjusts some wires and puts on his headphones.]

Justin: Fell asleep with a big old smile on my face and just went into the lab the next day just feeling, like, ready to roll, recharged, ready to go.

[Cut to Justin in the room with the guitar. Cut to him singing into a microphone in front of large speakers.]

Justin: Maybe I'll find some great cure.

[Close up on a drummer pushing a drum's foot pedal. Cut to two men playing guitars.]

Justin: Or maybe I'll move the science just a little bit forward...

[Close up on Justin singing into a microphone. The background turns completely white, with the message,

In gray text, "Watch the full story" appears over on top of "" in red text.

Justin: ... knowing that I'm part of that fight.