Brandeis Hunts for Dark Matter


Throughout this video there are open captions along the bottom of the screen mirroring the audio of on screen speakers.

The video begins with suspenseful music. A GoPro shot attached to the bottom of the transportation cage looks down into the shaft of the mine as the cage descends. The on-screen text reads: "Brandeis University."

The screen quickly fades to black and into the next shot of a close-up of the exterior walls of the shaft from an angle within the cage as it descends. Rattled audio can be heard in the background as the cage descends.

The on-screen text reads: "Descend 4,850 feet." The screen quickly fades to black and into the next shot - a medium shot of water dripping into the cave. The on-screen text reads: "in search of dark matter."

The screen quickly fades to black and into the next shot where the shaft continues to descend. The on-screen text reads: Dark matter makes up 85% of the universe."

This is followed by a similar GoPro shot of the shaft descending into the mine.

The cage comes to an abrupt stop and the silhouettes of workers appear. The cage door rises up and workers begin to file out in slow motion. The next four shots show what walking through the caverns is like. The first is a close-up shot of old metal doors. The second is a medium shot of a guide walking down a tunnel with a flashlight.

The third shot is a wider angle than the first and shows two people walking towards the light at the end of the tunnel wearing their helmets and required gear. The on-screen text reads: "This remains a mystery."

A quick white flash transitions to an aerial view of the mountains of Lead, South Dakota. The old gold mine, now the Sanford Underground Research Facility, comes in to view as the shot pans across the screen.

The on-screen text reads: "Lead, South Dakota — Sanford Underground Research Facility."

Bjoern speaks off- camera: "We are here in the Davis Camera," Bjoern speaks on- camera: "which is one mile under ground in a former gold mine and now currently dedicated to the search for dark matter."

The shot changes to a medium shot of a driver cruising through the mine trailing carts along the original tracks of the gold mine.

The shot changes to a group having a discussion in front of a white board while Bjoern speaks off- camera: "And we in collaboration with many other institutions around the world"

The shot changes to the outside of the detector looking through its porthole/entryway.

Bjoern: "are building the largest dark matter experiment to start next year."

The shot changes to a close up GoPro shot of Richard Studley, a Brandeis Electrical Engineer, using lasers to measure and assist in building the detector. The shot changes to a medium shot panning vertically of the large detector followed by another quick GoPro shot of Studley as he continues to work. Leak Korley begins to speak off-camera as the shot on-screen pans down a clean hallway underground. He soon begins to speak on camera. The on-screen text reads: Luke Korley — Graduate Student — Brandeis University."

Luke: "We know that it must be there we've seen like, some of its influence but we really need to detect this particle and like, work out exactly what it is, how it behaves."

While he is speaking there is a downward panning shot of those working inside the detector. The shot changes to a timelapse of the lab outside showing the landscape and the old gold mine. The on-screen text reads: Cosmic radiation that might drown out dark matter's signal doesn't penetrate this deep underground."

The shot changes back underground to a vertical pan of the detector. Bjoern is working with colleagues in the background.

Richard Studley speaks off-camera while the previous timelapse of the South Dakota Landscape continues as the sky darkens, "We're always optimistic that as they increase the capacity of these experiments," Studley speaks on-camera: "and limit the parameter space of the questions that they're asking, there's always a chance of a novel discovery."

The on-screen text reads: "Richard Studley — Mechanical Engineer — Brandeis University."

The shot changes to himself and students working inside of the detector. The shot changes to a different timelapse featuring the Sanford Underground Research Facility at night time highlighting moving clouds and a starry sky.

Luke speaks off-camera: "Being able to work on a big collaboration like this you get a lot of great minds together." Luke speaks on-camera: "It's absolutely brilliant."

The shot changes to an original gold mine cart traveling into the mine on the tracks. The shot changes to a GoPro shot attached to the bottom of the cage as it ascends to ground level.

Luke speaks off-camera: "By around this time next year we should have started collecting data."

Luke proudly smiles on camera and confidently nods his head wearing his hard hat and safety glasses.

Luke speaks off-camera while the screen shows a close up of the mountain's rock walls as the cage descends underground. "It's just another day at the office, right?"

The shot changes to a worker putting his lunch cooler onto one of the carts that will transport him back to the mine cage to transport him up to ground level as the work day comes to an end. The cart reads: "Sanford Underground Research Facility — South Dakota Science and Technology Authority."

The shot changes to a close up of the driver in the mines driving the workers back to the cage. There is a brief shot of the tour guide, Connie A. Walters — the Communications Director at Sanford Underground Research Facility - and Bjoern in their underground gear shining flashlights underground towards the camera.

The shot switches to black due to the darkness revealing the researchers exiting the cage in slow motion as they start their day in the search for dark matter. The shot fades to black. The on-screen text reads: "Special thanks to Connie A. Walter and the Sanford Underground Research Facility Team — Additional footage provided by Matt Kapust and Randy Halverson of Dakota Lapse — Produced by Tarah Llewellyn."

The screen fades to the end of a timelapse showcasing the stars in the sky of South Dakota which transitions to on-screen text reading: ""

The music fades, as well as the picture bringing the video to the end.