Mark Berger

The screen fades in from black and Mark Berger appears on screen playing the violin in a close up shot. 

Mark speaks off camera: “Anytime you are able to work with a living composer and bring something completely to life”

Mark speaks on screen: “it’s a learning experience for everyone – and for the audience as well.”

The on screen text reads: “Mark Berger, PhD ’12 – Associate Professor of the Practice of Music”

A close up shot of Mark playing the violin appears on screen. 

“In the creation of new music there’s sort of a contract between three different parties. There’s the composer who comes up with the conception and tries to translate it into notation. And then there’s the performers who interpret that notation and try to bring it to life. And then, whatever we do, as performers, means nothing unless somebody is listening to it and translating that into their own emotional experience while they listen.”

A close up shot of a student playing the cello at a Brandeis concert appears on screen. 

Mark speaks on camera: “We definitely grow as musicians”

Two students play the violin at a Brandeis concert in a medium shot followed by a close up shot of a different student also playing the violin at the same concert. 

Mark speaks off camera: “and as collaborators which allows us these opportunities to present exciting new things”

A medium shot of two different students also playing the violin at the same Brandeis concert appear on screen.

Mark speaks on camera: “because it’s going to force us to push our boundaries.”

Mark continues to play the violin during a practice session. 

“And that’s something that can translate directly into our work with our own students here at Brandeis.”

“And we’re gonna’ learn a lot from that experience I’m sure.”

The screen dips to white followed by the Brandeis logo on top of a white background that reads: “Brandeis University”

The music fades, as does the picture, bringing the video to an end.