Why I Vote Anthony Fong

Descriptive Transcript

Why I Vote - Anthony Fong
Time: 00:00:40

As opening graphic appears on screen:

On the left-hand side of the graphic a portrait of Anthony Fong is seen with a close-up image of red, white and blue "VOTE" button is in the background. One the right-hand side of the image in large white with a blue stoke lettering reads "WHY I VOTE" laid over a slate colored background.

The graphic then cuts to video of Anthony Fong seated. A lower third graphic with their name and title transition on briefly -

"Anthony Fong '21, MLK Scholar at Brandeis University"

They address the camera:

"Hey everyone! My name is Anthony Fong and I'm a student here at Brandeis University.

I'm a computer science major and the reason I vote involves the fact that a representative democracy requires it.

For any political system to operate correctly, it must be able to take in account the desires of the people it governs.

We can hearken to the disastrous effects of systems that do not prioritize the desires of people, such as autocratic governments.

In a representative democracy the primary, if not the only, channel through which to insert our desires into the will of the powers, that govern us is voting."

The video then transitions out to show a white background where blue text reading "Brandeis University" fades into the screen. A few frames later the text "go.brandeis.edu/votedeis" also fades into the screen after a few seconds the screen fades to black.