Why I Vote Eliza Welty

Descriptive Transcript

Why I Vote - Eliza Welty

Time: 00:00:49

As opening graphic appears on screen:

On the left-hand side of the graphic a portrait of Eliza Welty is seen with a close-up image of red, white and blue "VOTE" button is in the background. One the right-hand side of the image in large white with a blue stoke lettering reads "WHY I VOTE" laid over a slate colored background.

The graphic then cuts to video of Eliza Welty is standing outside against a green bush. A lower third graphic with their name and title transition on briefly -

"Eliza Welty, President of the Brandeis Democrats"

They address the camera:

"My name is Eliza Welty and I'm a junior majoring in politics.

I am part of the VoteDeis coalition and I'm also the president of Brandeis Democrats.

I vote because it is one of the easiest and most effective ways to make our elected officials accountable to us rather than to special interest groups with millions of dollars.

If everyone our age voted, we would be the most powerful voting bloc in the country and we could make sure that our government was fighting for a livable planet for us and our children.

It's so important to vote not just for president but for every office on the ballot because some of the decisions that affect our lives every day are made by local officials that don't get national attention."

The video then transitions out to show a white background where blue text reading "Brandeis University" fades into the screen. A few frames later the text "go.brandeis.edu/votedeis" also fades into the screen after a few seconds the screen fades to black.