Performance of the Brandeis Alma Mater

Descriptive Transcript

Opens to a sweeping view on the Louis Brandeis statue with a springtime campus in foreground. The Brandeis Chamber Singers can be heard singing, “To thee, Alma Mater.”

Singing continues, but the video transitions to Chamber Singers on Zoom. There are twenty-two frames of students in headphones singing from home, set in three rows. Shot focuses on center student before zooming out to include all of them.


“We'll always be true.

All hail to thy standard

the white and the blue.”

Transitions to montage of Brandeis campus shots, including shot of stone Brandeis University sign with red flowers in foreground, a drone shot of Louis Brandeis statue and trees, a sweeping view of the Shapiro Campus Center from across the Great Lawn, aerial views of the Shapiro Science Complex with the sports fields and Waltham appearing behind, and a low shot over the grass walking across Chapels Field. 

Transitions back to Chamber Singers grid.

Music continues.


“Proclaiming thy future,

recalling thy past

our hopes spring from

mem'ries eternally cast.

With sorrows we'll leave thee,

new worlds to create.

May deeds of thy children

make thee forever great.

May deeds of thy children

make thee forever great.”

Fades to black.