Anita Hill appears on the screen in a red sweater in front of artwork in her home. She says, “This is why I vote.”

Several other faces flash while “This is how I vote” is repeated by different voices, almost too quick to identify, before a title screen that says, “Why I Vote” on a black background next to red white and blue “Vote” buttons.

Eliza Welty ‘22, with a lower third repeating name with the title, “President of Brandeis Democrats” appears in front of green foliage. She says. “If everyone our age voted, we would be the most powerful voting bloc in the country and we could make sure that our government was fighting for a livable planet for us and our children.”

Alex Wicken ‘23, with a lower third repeating name with the title, “Brandeis University Student” appears in front of what looks like a residence hall wall saying, “I'm voting because it is important to take an active role in your society.”

Brandeis President Ron Liebowitz, identified in lower third, appears in his blue living room saying, “I vote because it's one of the most important effective ways to participate in a democracy, something we should never take for granted.”

Frances and Max Elkon Chair in Modern Jewish History chair, Chaeran Freeze, is identified in lower third and is front of window with hanging plants. She says, “For me voting is a powerful way to protect the lands and lives of the very people in whose homelands I dwell as a guest.”

Professor of Biology Michael Rosbash appears in sunroom with lots of windows and trees behind him. He says, “ I vote to ensure that young students and scientists will continue to have the federal support that I received, without which research and scientific truth seeking will be hard pressed to survive.”

Rabbi Evan Sheinhait, Reform Senior Jewish Educator, is in an office and says, “I vote, because as a Jew, I am taught that voting is a privilege.”

Hangil Ryu ‘20 is in a room with artwork over his shoulder and says, “And as a Christian, my God tells me that I need to care for the oppressed and stand for the immigrant and defend the rights of the poor and needy, and I can do that through voting!”

David Weil, Dean of the Heller School for Social Policy and Management, is seated in front of a wall of books on a bookcase and says, “The right to vote is something that people in our country and around the world literally give their life to secure and defend.”

Associate Professor of Politics Jill S. Greenlee is seated in her kitchen and says, “Voting this November may not be easy for many of us, but voting this November is more important than ever.”

Louis Stulberg Chair in Law and Politics Daniel Thomas Kryder says, “Please make a plan now. Please help your family and friends make a plan now.”

Director of Programs in International and Society at the International Center for Ethics, Justice and Public Life Leigh Swigart is seated inliving room with bookcase and plants behind her. She says, “If you are planning to vote by absentee ballot, make the request with plenty of time to make sure you receive your ballot via the mail and return it by the deadline.”

Colby Sim, community service specialist, is seated in front of window blinds and says, “I encourage and invite everyone to register to vote, to go out and vote to mail your ballots. Whatever you do however you can engage, let your voice be heard.”

Anita Hill, University Professor of Social Policy, Law, and Women’s Gender and Sexuality studies, is seated in room filled with artwork on walls and says, “I vote for my mother and my grandmothers, as well as for my father and grandfathers for all of the years they couldn't vote, I vote.”

Lucas Malo, director of community service, holds up envelope containing ballot and says, “Join me in voting today.”

Screen fades to Brandeis logo on black background with appears beneath.

Sabine von Mering, Professor of German and Women’s gender and sexuality studies appears in a white polar bear costume and says, “I vote and I hope you do, too.”