Performance of the Brandeis Alma Mater

Descriptive Transcript

Slide with the Brandeis University Logo, screen text says “Commencement 2021”, “Alma Mater”, “Performed by the Brandeis Chamber Singers, University Chorus, and Alumni”, “Robert Duff, Conductor”. 

Opens to a sweeping view on the Louis Brandeis statue with a springtime campus in foreground surrounded by twenty of the The Brandeis Chamber Singers on Zoom who can be heard singing, “To thee, Alma Mater.”


“We'll always be true.

Singing continues, but the inner video is replaced by more choir singers in the center singing in-person, wearing masks and social distancing. Camera moves towards the right showing more students singing on the right side before zooming in on two of the students and then moving back left.  

All hail to thy standard

the white and the blue.”

Music continues.

Shot zooms out to show the Chamber singers from above. Camera moves around to show other students.


“Proclaiming thy future,

recalling thy past

our hopes spring from

mem'ries eternally cast.

With sorrows we'll leave thee,

new worlds to create.

May deeds of thy children

make thee forever great.

May deeds of thy children

make thee forever great.”

Transitions to an aerial view to show all of the masked, in-person singers, with the zoom singers still framing the inner video. 

Transitions to sweeping view of the Louis Brandeis statue in the foreground with trees and the Shapiro Campus Center in the background. 

Fades to black.

Series of slides appear with white background and text in Brandeis blue, each with a header on top reading “Brandeis University”, “Brandeis Chamber Singers, University Chorus and Alumni”.

Transitions to first slide: “Conductor”

“Robert Duff”

Transitions to next slide with the heading: “Soprano” and the names spanned across two columns:

“Lauren Reis Barkley, 2024

Emma Leopre Calson, 2024

Christina Chen, 2019

Avery Dowd, 2018

Mercedes Elizabeth Helm, 2021

Elizabeth Grace Hilliard, 2022

Bethy Louise Huebner, 2023

Liana R Perlman, 2023

Emilia Poma, 2023

Sarah Salinger-Mullen, 2019

Rosie Rose Sentman, 2022

Sarah Elisabeth Shingle, 2022

Irina Znamirowski, 2024”

Transitions to next slide with the heading: “Alto” and the names spanned across two columns:

“Tess Elizabeth Aalto, 2022

Amber Sarah Bartlett, 2022

Aditi Bhattacharya, 2023

Aviva Ruth Davis, 2021

Tamar Forman-Gejrot, 2016

Rachel Geller, 2018

Davina Louise Goodman, 2023

Dina Gorelik, 2024

Ashley Nicole Kamal, 2022

Elana Kennedy, 2021

Alyssa N Knudsen, 2024

Hannah Lee, 2019

Sarah Lipitz, 2017

Adina Sarah Kalish Scheinberg, 2021

Aarthi Sivasankar, 2022

Katie Stenhouse, 2019

Kaylee Wallace, 2019”

Transitions to the next slide divided into two columns.

First column with heading: “Tenor” with names under it:

“Chriss Hillard Martin, 2024

Milo Rosengard, 2022

Alexander Port Ross, 2022”

Second column with heading: “Bass” with names under it:

“Quinn Lucian Bonnyman, 2023

Henri Choi, 2020

Steven Hoffman, 2016

Andrew Larson, 2019

Benjamin Emanuel Maffa, 2021

Micah Pickus, 2020

Matt Connor Robin, 2022”.

Transitions to the next slide with text saying “Filmed and Produced by Brandeis Media Technology Services with special thanks to Brandeis Maker Lab”.

Transitions to next slide with bold and enlarged text reading “Congratulations Class of 2021!!!”.

Fades to black.