Congratulations Class of 2021

Descriptive Transcript

Logotype for Brandeis University next to Brandeis seal with text appears on black screen. Commencement 2021 fades on and then fades off.

Moving piano music begins to play. Someone helping a student in a mask put on a black graduation gown appears on the screen. A student in a gown and cap fixes their hair in a closeup. Someone helps a student with their cap and tassel.

A voice begins to speak over the clips: "So I remember the first day I came to campus. I met people from more nationalities than I had in my entire life."

Someone helps a student put on a cap in front of the mirror while another student looks on. Both students are in their black gowns with blue and white hoods. The same student is shown in a close-up as someone helps pin the cap to their head with a bobby pin.

A student in a suit and mask sitting against a blue background speaks: "I didn't even know if I could achieve my goals. I felt like I was just coming to Brandeis because that's what you do. You just go to school."

Several clips of students studying or working play in quick succession. These clips are from before the pandemic and students are not wearing masks.

Another student speaks but they do not appear in the video: "Me four years ago, I wasn't that strong. I didn't have a lot of motivation." While they are speaking, someone helps a graduate adjust their cap and gown in a close up.

The scene changes to a closeup of Ron Liebowitz's hands passing a blue diploma holder to a graduate in a black robe on a podium.

A student in a mask in front of a blue background speaks: "I've made some of the best friends here and I'm really going to miss them."

A quick succession of clips of students hanging out with groups of friends outside plays. Five students sit at a picnic table chatting while working on their laptops. Three more students wearing backpacks walk down a path in springtime.

Screen briefly fades to black and more fast-paced, uplifting pop music plays.

A graduate speaks but is not seen speaking: "Brandeis really helped me find myself and find confidence in myself." While they are speaking, a quick succession of candid closeups of students play. First, there are closeups of three students smiling and laughing separately on campus. Then there are three students with their arms around each other walking outside, a student pointing to another student on a laptop, and three students sitting on the steps outside next to Louis Brandeis statue. We see a group of five different students also sitting next to statue with green Shapiro Campus Center in background.

A graduate begins speaking with clips of faculty members teaching in background before speaker appears in front of a blue background: "The fact that my professor would remember my first name and everyone would know me, that made me feel like this is just my community."

A different student in a mask and suit jacket speaks: "Brandeis classmates are the kindest people I have ever met." As they speak, clips of students dancing at orientation outside appear.

A new graduate in a mask in front of a blue background begins speaking, before the scene shifts to a succession of clips of students engaging in the dining halls and drawing in an art studio: "Brandeis is filled with the most creative and smart and amazing people I've ever met."

A student in a cap and gown crosses stage toward President Ron Liebowitz to receive their diploma. The same student pauses on stage to hold up their diploma and have their photo taken. The music speeds up and gets a little louder, adding to the energy being depicted.

Three students in masks in a classroom laugh while talking to each other. Then two students in masks walking on campus outside on a bright sunny day wave at camera.

As these clips play, another graduate who is not does not appear says: "Everyone has been really kind and considerate of others. I really felt really welcomed."

Another student who does not appear speaks as scenes from the past year of students on campus wearing masks but still being together appear. These students are in groups of four sitting outside with books and laptops. "There's just a sense of togetherness that can't be replaced."

Another student speaks while wearing a mask and sitting in front a blue background: "I think Brandeis overall kind of creates this tight-knit circle that you're able to keep with the future for the rest of your life." Footage from a play with one actor being lifted on four others' shoulders fades in. All of the actors are wearing floral crowns.

A student in a mask sitting in front of a blue background speaks: "One of the biggest changes that has taken place is just knowing that I am capable of doing the impossible." Several quick clips of student musicians playing the cello and hands moving on a turntable board scroll by.

The scene shifts back to the Walk the Stage event where a student in a cap and gown receives their diploma.

A student in a mask wearing a black cap with a blue and white tassel speaks: "I've definitely expanded my horizons a ton from when I first came here." As the graduate finishes speaking, the scene shifts to them walking across the stage to receive their diploma and then pausing for photos.

A student in a mask, suit and tie in front of a blue background speaks: "Now I feel like I have a goal, a direction, something that I want to do."

Three students are quickly displayed in caps and gowns receiving their blue diploma folders. The scene transitions to a photo shoot. One student in a cap and gown and blue mask throws confetti in the air, and then the shot goes into slow motion as the confetti falls.

The next shot is zoomed out to show the set-up of the previous blue background shots with person sitting on chair while camera is in front of them. They speak: "I've become more responsible. I've become more confident, more brave."

A group of four students toss gold confetti in the air in front of white background with back of camera in foreground.

A graduate who is not on screen says: "I'm so inspired every single day by my classmates, my peers, my professors and all of the students that work so hard to make Brandeis what it truly is." As they speak, the shot shows a close up of a student in a cap and gown smiling, a student in a white dress having their photo taken by a photographer in a mask, a group of three friends laughing and smiling for camera, a student in a cap and gown waving hands in air, a student having their photo taken, and a group of six students in caps and gowns throwing gold confetti while jumping in air.

A boomerang shot of a student throwing confetti while wearing a cap and gown goes back and forth on screen. A closeup of a cap shows that it is decorated with the text, "It's not legendary unless your friends are there to see it" next to an Ollie the Owl.

A student who is not displayed says: "So, thank you Brandeis for teaching me something new about myself."

Scene switches to a montage of students holding up blue diploma folder or walking across stage toward President Ron Liebowitz under blue Brandeis University banner.

Student in mask in front of blue background says: "I couldn't be more thankful."

Montage of scenes from Walk the Stage continue.

Voice not seen says, "Thank you so much, Brandeis and congratulations to the graduating class of 2021. Congrats, Class of 2021."

Student in black coat and mask says, "Congratulations to the Class of 2021."

Graduate in cap and gown shouts, "We made it!" as they raise arms in the air.

Panning upward shot of stage with podium, white flowers, blue tablecloth on a table, and Brandeis University banner in background. Shot then pans across banner.

Music and shot quickly fades out.