60 Second Badminton

Nick Waller '18 is training for a spot on the U.S. Olympic Badminton Team and is ranked sixth in the nation.
Watch as he takes on an unsuspecting BrandeisNow reporter.

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Text on screen reads: Brandeis University.

Upbeat techno music begins to play.

Close shot of basket with badminton birdies.

Text on screen reads: 60 second badminton with Nick Waller '18 vs. Brandeis Now reporter

GoPro footage detailing a spirited badminton game played against Brandeis student Nick Waller from perspective of the BrandeisNow reporter.

Waller begins talking to reporter (inaudible), smiles and then walks to the net.

Waller serves birdie, video moves in slow motion.

Waller moves to the opposite of the net and grabs the GoPro off reporter's head and puts it on his own, changing the video perspective as he does so.

The reporter stares back at Waller looking exhausted. Reporter serves to Waller and they hit it back and forth until Waller spikes it. The reporter misses and throws his head back in defeat.

Birdie pops in and out of the frame as Waller juggles off his racket.

Reporter and Waller meet at the net and high-five.

Text reads: Produced by Caroline Cataldo