Brandeis Campus Video Transcript

Soft piano music begins to play.

Video on screen: Camera moves over a bed of pink and red flowers to a marble sign that reads Brandeis University with the university seal. The sign is located on South Street at the entrance of campus.

Video on screen: A statue of Louis Brandeis is seen and the camera moves beyond the head of the statue and between two trees. The shot closes on the Shapiro Campus Center, a green asymmetrical building, in the background.

Video on screen: Camera pans with an out of focus tree in the foreground and the front of the Shapiro Campus Center, in focus, in the background. The camera moves to reveal the entire front of the building and a section of the green Great Lawn.

Video on screen: From above, we see the Shapiro Science Center, the morning skyline and sections of the science complex. The camera begins to zoom in on the building and then fades to a shot of the side of the blue and white building.

Video on screen: Camera flies low to the ground over green grass and towards the Volen National Center for Complex Systems. Camera perspective switches to a shot of the building rising, revealing a student walking below. 

Video on screen: A tight shot of Spingold Theater's white, cylindrical dome and brick siding pans to reveal a tree-lined horizon looking towards the Shapiro Campus Center.

Video on screen: A table and single chair sit on the Spingold Theater's main stage. The camera flies over the table and into the audience of red seats and up into one of the stage lights.

Video on screen: The video transitions to the Rabb Graduate Center steps where the camera climbs to the top of the staircase.

Video on screen: At the top of the steps, the camera turns left to reveal the side of Mandel Center for the Humanities with the setting sun peering through the trees, creating a lens flare (burst of light) in the left hand corner of the screen.

Video on screen: A panning shot of Mandel's glass windowed walls. Sign on building reads: Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Center for the Humanities. 

Video on screen: Camera pans slowly showing the front of the Heller School for Social Policy and Management. Sign on building reads: Heller School for Social Policy and Management.

Video on screen: Beginning at the top of the building and moving to the base, the camera reveals the back side of Brandeis' International Business School. A student is seen working at a computer through windowed walls.

Video on screen: The camera flies around a water fountain in the middle of Massell pond with the fountain as its focal point. Following the narrow path of the pond, the camera flies and into the sun, revealing the residence halls around Massell pond.

Video on screen: Camera walks up a set of stairs in Ziv quad, towards the Carl and Ruth Shapiro Admissions building.

Video on screen: Students walk by the white and windowed admissions building, waving at each other.

Video on screen: Video fades to show a few leaves in focus by the admissions building. The focus changes allowing "Carl and Ruth Shapiro Admissions Center" to be read on the side of the white building. One female student walks by.

Video on screen: A slow pan from the blue sky moves down to reveal trees and a shadowed sidewalk in front of the bricked library. Two people walk down the path.

Video on screen: A tight shot of the Brandeis Peace Circle appears. The Peace Circle has a mosaic image of a dove holding an olive branch. Around the image, the word "peace" is written in many languages and symbols. The camera pulls away slowly to reveal even more translations and two red benches with blue legs.

Video on screen: The camera circles around a statue of a woman lounging on a rock in front of the library. As the camera moves, the sun, peaking through the trees, makes the lens of the camera flare and radiant white light illuminates the statue.

Video on screen: Camera moves between two trees to reveal a statue of a woman praying facing Mecca. Chapels pond, covered in lily pads and wild flowers, is seen along with the Chapels themselves.

Video on screen: Camera fades from the chapels to a tight shot of lily pads on chapels pond. The camera slowly begins to spin and the green lily pads glide slowly in the wind.

Video on screen: Fly over of the athletic fields. Beginning first with the baseball field and then the soccer field with track surrounding it. 

Video on screen: Video fades to a tight shot of the top of Gosman Athletics and Convocation Center and pulls through a dozen or so flags bearing the names of schools in Brandeis' athletics division. 

Video on screen: Camera circles the statue of the Louis Brandeis on top of a small hill.

Video on screen: A tight shot of the Rose Art Museum pulls back to reveal lit oversized lampposts that make up a sculpture installation known as "The Light of Reason." The camera continues to pull back until the entire row of sculptures are in view as well as the darkening sky. The sun set is a dark blue color.

Text on screen:

Text on screen: drone videography    ian roy '05, tim hebert, nasal "h" uzunkaya '14, brandeis kakerlak

Text on screen: director and producer, caroline cataldo