5 things you should know about the biggest gift in Brandeis history

Text on screen: 5 things you should know about the biggest gift in Brandeis history.

Text on screen: 1. Jacob Cohn, a Lithuanian immigrant built a Chicago horse and wagon coffee stand into the third largest food distribution company in the country. (1915-1960s)

Images on screen: A busy Chicago street with storefronts and cars in the early to mid 1900s. Black and white still photo of Jacob Cohn as an older man.

Text on screen: 2. Inspired by Brandeis' Jewish values, including reverence for learning, Jacob and Rosaline Cohn made a $100 gift to the university. (1951)

Images on screen: Black and white photos of Brandeis in the early 1950s including, a Brandeis sign, an academic building and present day Massell Quad.

Text on screen: 3. Rosaline Cohn returned a pledge card hoping to establish "something" at Brandeis. (1966)

Images on screen: Photo of Rosaline Cohn later in life. Green pledge card that reads, considering establishment of something, which is emphasized.

Text on screen: 4. That "something" became endowed scholarships. (1976)

Photos of students and teachers interacting in multiple classroom settings fade in and out.

Text below photos: Photos Courtesy of the Robert D. Farber University Archives and Special Collections Department, Brandeis University.

Text on screen: 5. The Cohns wanted to support students who would go on to "solve the problems and conditions of today and tomorrow."

Photos of students and professors in present day fade in and out. Students are working on projects in labs, outside and in the classroom.

Text on screen: 5. Their $50 million bequest will support generations of students.

Text fades and is replaced with: $50 million for generations (2017)

Photo of students walking on campus.

Text on screen: We are deeply grateful to the Cohn family. Their legacy will influence the next generation of leaders.