How to make chocolate orange cookies

Text on screen: Brandeis University, Precollege programs

Genesis, Discovering the Art and Anthropology of Jewish Food

Text on screen: Betsy Weill, 16 Genesis Program

BETSY WEILL: I'm Betsy. I am from Chicago and we are making chocolate orange cookies.

Video on screen: Close up shot of white square plate with orange slices, cut strawberries and chocolate cookies placed one at a time on the plate.

Video on screen: Chocolate Orange Cookies, preheat oven. (350 degrees F)

Video on screen: Tight shot of a silver mixing bowl with white flour.

Text on screen: 2 1/2 cups of all-purpose flour

Text on screen fades to read 1 tsp. baking soda, 1/4 tsp. table salt

WEILL: Well, it's my grandma's recipe she got it through a cookbook and, I don't know, she reads them religiously and this is just one of the recipes she found.

Video on screen: Hands from out of frame add baking soda and table salt from two small clear glasses and then mixes ingredients together.

Video on screen: Chocolate pieces pour into pot on stove.

Text on screen: melt 8 oz. bittersweet chocolate (and cool)

Video on screen: Close up shot of silver mixing bowl.

Text on screen: in a separate bowl... add 2 cups of light brown sugar.

Video on screen: Hand from off screen add in two cups of light brown sugar in pink measuring cups.

Video on screen: Tight shot of brown sugar with two sticks of butter added from source out of frame.

Text on screen: 8 oz. unsalted butter (at room temp.)

Video on screen: Chocolate cocoa added from white bowl to silver mixing bowl with a whisk..

Text on screen: 2/3 cup unsweetened cocoa

WEILL: I remember for my bat mitzvah we had a room between the service and the party and she made a lot of cookies and these were one of them and people would be taking them throughout the afternoon. I had most of them. (laughs)

Video on screen: Hands pour vanilla extract into measuring spoon.

Text on screen: 1 tsp. pure vanilla extract

Video on screen: Hands grating an orange.

Text on screen: 2 tsp. finely grated orange zest

Video on screen: Close images of all ingredients (brown sugar, butter, cocoa, orange zest) in silver mixing bowl. Hand mixer mixes ingredients together until well combined.

Text on screen: mix on medium (4 min.)

Video on screen: Cutting board on a blue table cloth. Close up, timelapse video of hands finely chopping up chocolate pieces.

Text on screen: 4 oz. chopped chocolate

Video on screen: Three eggs cracked into clear glass.

Video on screen. Close up shot of silver bowl and hand held mixer. Three eggs poured slowly into bowl, mixing between each egg.

Text on screen: add 3 eggs. beat between additions.

Video on screen: Melted chocolate poured from pot that was on stove into silver mixing bowl.

Text on screen: add cooled chocolate.

Video on screen: Spatula mixes together melted chocolate and the rest of the ingredients.

Text on screen: yum.

Video on screen: Baker grabs silver bowl with dry ingredients and adds it to the other mixture with a spatula and then mixes with hand mixer.

WEILL: My grandma is the hostess of the family. It's like a big family so 15-25, usually. My grandma loves sharing her ideas and recipes, so she is really happy that I am sharing it with everybody.

Text on screen: add dry ingredients. mix on low speed.

Video on screen: Hand from out of frame adds in chopped chocolate from a clear glass.

Text on screen: add chopped chocolate.

Video on screen: Contents of bowl mixed again with a hand mixer.

Video on screen: Hands from out of the frame scoops batter with small ice cream scoop.

Text on screen: scoop.

Video on screen: Hands rolling batter into small ball.

Text on screen: roll.

Video on screen: Ball of dough is then dipped into sugar.

Text on screen: dip.

Video on screen: Cookie sheet with white parchment paper on a table with blue table cloth. Hands from off camera quickly add cookie dough balls to cookie sheet in rows of three with sugar side facing up.

Text on screen: place.

Video on screen: Close shot of silver oven. Door opens and cookie tray is placed on middle rack. Oven door closes.

Text on screen: bake.

Video on screen: Close up shot of iPhone with timer reading 11 minutes. Begins countdown.

Video on screen: Fully cooked cookies taken out of oven.

Video on screen: Image of square white plate with sliced oranges, strawberries and cookies returns. Powdered sugar sprinkled on top of cookies.

Text on screen: cool (5 min.) and serve!

Text on screen: Food connects us to the people we love.

Text on screen: It builds community in kitchens (and classrooms) across the world.

Text on screen: Brandeis University

Text on screen: Produced by Caroline Cataldo