Joshua Lepson '19 on working in Michael Rosbash's Lab Transcript

Text on screen: Brandeis University

Text on screen: Joshua Lepson '19 conducts research in the lab of 2017 Nobel Prize recipient Michael Rosbash.

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Undergraduate student Josh Lepson speaks in a classroom.

Lepson: It's rare that you find someone in life that loves their work as much as someone like Dr. Rosbash.

Regardless of the Nobel, he has been an incredible role model in terms of scientific thinking.

Text on screen: scientific role model 

Lepson: One of the things I love most about lab work is the culture of collaboration.

Text on screen: culture of collaboration  

Lepson: When you are within your own lab environment, you are running your ideas by graduate students, post-docs, senior researchers and your principal investigator. 

He supports all of his lab members in pursuing projects that are truly interesting to them.

As an undergraduate, you can definitely feel inadequate in comparison to people who have been researching for years.

If you are here, you have unprecedented access, you might as well take the risk and put yourself out there.

Text on screen: unprecedented access

Lepson: I hope to find a part of biology that I love and delve into similarly to Dr. Rosbash.

Text on screen: Brandeis University, Explore without Boundaries