Michael Rosbash -- Nobel Prize

Text on screen: Brandeis University

Text on screen: Brandeis University celebrates Michael Rosbash and Jeffrey Hall on receiving the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. 

President Ron Liebowitz: We at Brandeis could not be prouder of our two professors Jeffrey Hall and Michael Rosbash for this award, which they share with Michael Young at Rockefeller University.

Video on screen: Brandeis president Ron Liebowitz stands at a podium addressing press conference attendees. 

Video on screen: Michael Rosbash enters room and waves at crowd. Crowd claps, cheers, take photos on iPhones.

Video on screen: (Inaudible) Rosbash speaks into microphone of reporter as his colleagues look on, listening to the interview.

Liebowitz: To me, Michael represents the essence of  what makes Brandeis special and unique -- a world class curiosity, a desire to solve real world challenges and creating a community of scientists that bring tenured professors together with students in a highly interactive and rigorous environment.

Video on screen: A few dozen champagne flutes sit on a table. One is picked up by a hand that comes from off camera.

Video on screen: Rosbash pictured with President Ron Liebowitz and Provos Lisa Lunch as they pose for a photo.

Video on screen: (inaudible) Rosbash interview by another reporter.

Video on screen: Liebowitz addresses press conference from a podium.

Video on screen: Rosbash walks to podium.

Video on screen: Rosbash addresses press conference from a podium.

Text on screen: Michael Rosbash, Peter Gruber Endowed Chair in Neurobiology and professor of biology

Rosbash: A phone call at 5:10 this morning destroyed my circadian rhythms by waking me up. (Audience laughter)

Video on screen: Crowd of people take photos and videos on smart phones

Rosbash: Brandeis is a remarkable jewel, which is why I've been here for 43 years.  

Video on screen: Tight video image of the Brandeis logo on podium. Focus then switches to Rosbash having a conversation (inaudible).

Rosbash: I love this school. It's really allowed me to collaborate with other people.

Video on screen: A group of graduate students "cheers" their champagne flutes.

Video on screen: slow pan of tops of champagne flutes on a table.

Rosbash: I've had a remarkable, and I continue to have a remarkable series of students and post-docs in my lab over the years who have had made all this possible. Collaboration is the name of the game.

Video on screen: Rosbash poses for a photo with press conference speakers.

Video on screen: Lisa Lynch behind podium speaking to press conference.

Text on screen: Provost Lisa Lynch, Brandeis University. 

Lynch: The research is going to have impact on our understanding of Alzheimers, diabetes, cardiac disease so many different afflictions to our society. 

Video on screen: Close shot of female student taking a video on her smart phone or Rosbash speaking at a small gathering (inaudible).

Video on screen: Tight shot of Rosbash's hands addressing he crowd of people at a small gathering.

Video on screen: Rosbash addressing crowd.

Lynch: This is a wonderful moment to celebrate scientific knowledge from its most basic components impacting the quality of life around the world.

Text on screen: Brandeis University

Text on Screen: Produced by Caroline Cataldo