Pawsitive Impact

Therapy dog in training set to serve students


The video starts by fading in to some uplifting music. We see a close-up shot of Lily, our featured therapy dog, sniffing at the camera. The footage is in black and white. The on-screen text reads: “Lily – Therapy Dog in Training."

We see a different close-up of Lily, the footage is in color now, as we start to hear audio from Joy Von Steiger talk about Lily. She is our Clinical Psychologist and the Counseling Center Director for Brandeis University.

Joy: “Lily is a six-month-old Labradoodle, in training, to be a Therapy Dog.”

We see Lily run towards Joy on the Brandeis Baseball field.

Joy: “You know, being in college can be a very stressful experience.”

We see a number of Brandeis’ students going to and from class on campus in fast motion. The on-screen text reads: “Joy Von Steiger, PhD – Clinical Psychologist, Counseling Center Director”.

Joy: “… and, when students are given the opportunity to interact with animals,”

We see Lily being a playful puppy interacting with Joy.

Joy: “… it’s actually really helpful in a lot of different ways."

We see Lily wagging her tail in the baseball field looking up at Joy.

Joy: “Our blood pressure goes down; our heartrate goes down …”

We see Joy and Lily playfully interacting.

Joy speaks on-camera: “Students who might not ordinarily come to the counseling center may come so that, they can spend time with the dogs.”

Lily continues to be playful with Joy. We see a close-up of Lily being pet. The footage is in black and white.

Joy speaks off-camera: “And then, they have the opportunity to see what it’s like here and that maybe, it’s not so scary, and maybe, they can get further support.”

Lily enjoys a treat on the field, and again in Joy’s office, and looks towards the camera.

Joy: “And that’s, I think, really the point of it – is for students to feel like there’s this resource on campus that’s not straight behavioral healthcare … but it is an opportunity to get some comfort.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Brandeis provides a variety of support services to our community. For more information, visit