Proposal Deadline Policy

The Office of Research Administration (ORA) is the sole institutional entity with authority to submit proposals for sponsored projects to external funding agencies. As such, ORA is responsible for assuring that these proposals are consistent with sponsor requirements, with federal, state and local laws and regulations, and with Brandeis' academic and fiscal policies.

In order to fulfill this responsibility, ORA requires sufficient time to review and approve proposals prior to submission.

Proposal activity through ORA has increased dramatically over the past three years. In addition, most sponsors have implemented a variety of electronic submission systems that reduce the time flexibility that was previously available.

For these reasons, we implemented the following deadline policy for all proposals, effective Jan. 4, 2010.

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Notification of Intent to Submit a Proposal

ORA should be informed as soon as possible after the decision to submit has been made. The appropriate ORA contact should be provided with as much information as possible about the proposal, including a copy of, or a link to, the applicable proposal announcement, solicitation, or request for proposals.

Five (5) Business Days Prior to Sponsor Deadline

ORA must have a draft of the project summary and/or abstract (close enough to final form to allow for a comprehensive compliance review of the proposal), and a draft of the “business proposal,” consisting of all the administrative and financial components of the proposal, including:

  • A copy of, or link to, the announcement, solicitation, or request for proposals to which the proposal is responding (if not previously provided);
  • A Project Approval Form (PAF), with all applicable attachments;
  • Complete set of sponsor-specific forms;
  • A detailed budget and budget justification;
  • Other required sections (e.g., Biosketches, Current & Pending Support, Senior/Key and Other Personnel, Facilities, Equipment, etc.);
  • Required information on all subawards, subcontracts, consortium arrangements, and consultants;
  • Any other project-specific administrative information required by the sponsor.
Three (3) Business Days Prior to Sponsor Deadline
  • Complete, final version of the entire proposal, as well as a PAF with all required signatures.

Please note that any proposal that does not have a firm sponsor deadline must follow the processes noted above, to allow for appropriate ORA review and approval prior to submission.

Please also note that any special reviews, e.g., institutional cost sharing, renovation or installation costs, under-recovery of F&A costs, export control issues, etc., or requests for institutional letters of support may require significant additional lead time to be approved, over and above the deadlines noted above. PIs are encouraged to initiate these requests well in advance of the anticipated submission deadline. This process is particularly critical for any proposal related to the acquisition of any major or potentially hazardous research equipment.

Any investigator who submits a proposal for approval that does not comply with the deadlines contained in this new policy must file a Deadline Exception Request to be approved, prior to submission of the proposal to ORA, by the appropriate department chair or center or institute director and dean (the provost in the case of units that report directly to the provost). ORA will not begin any review of a proposal that does not meet the deadlines specified above without an approved Deadline Exception Request.

We look forward to working with you in the future, and helping to advance the research mission of Brandeis. We appreciate your cooperation in making this new policy work.