5 Things to Know about PARC Descriptive Transcript

[Upbeat instrumental music playing] 

On screen text with voice-over reads: “The Top 5 Things to Know About the Prevention, Advocacy & Resource Center (PARC)”

Cut to black screen with “#1” in white.

Voiceover: #1

Cut to claymation figure of Lucy in front of a picture of Usdan Student Center.

Lucy: “The Prevention, Advocacy & Resource Center, called PARC for short, is a confidential resource providing support and prevention education around violence, specializing in sexual violence, dating and domestic violence, and stalking.”

Cut to black screen with “#2” in white.

Voiceover: #2

Cut to two claymation figures, Ali and Juan, sitting next to each other working on their computers.

Juan: “PARC has both professional staff and Peer Advocates-- other Brandeis students-- who are highly trained to provide support to someone who has experienced violence, is worried about a friend, or just has questions.”

Ali: “Whether you are on campus or off, you can talk to a Peer Advocate during the semester through the Chatbox on the PARC website, Monday-Friday, noon-5pm Eastern Time.”

Cut to smartphone view of Googling PARC’s website and scrolling down the main page to the ONLINE CHAT button.

Cut to claymation hands typing “HI” on their phone.

Cut back to Ali and Juan at their desk. “HI” pops up on Juan’s computer.

Juan: “You can also schedule an appointment with professional staff over Zoom or in-person when possible by emailing parc@brandeis.edu or visiting our website.”

Cut to black screen with “#3” in white.

Voiceover: #3

Cut to a new desk scene. Claymation figures of Ali and Lucy are sitting at the computers.  

Ali: “PARC can also be reached anytime through their 24/7 hotline. No matter what time zone you are in, you can call the hotline to talk to someone right away. That number is +1-781-736-3370.”

Phone rings.

Lucy answering the phone: “Hi, you’ve reached PARC. How can I help?”

Cut to black screen with “#4” in white.

Voiceover: #4

Cut to a new scene: two new claymation figures are standing in front of a powerpoint presentation. The powerpoint slide reads “Bystander Training Level One: Foundations of Intervention by PARC: the Prevention, Advocacy & Resource Center”

Hannah: “PARC also offers workshops on topics related to violence prevention, led by Brandeis students trained as Violence Prevention Educators.

Powerpoint changes to a new slide that shows an overview of PARC’s services. The legible text reads:

PARC: Prevention, Advocacy & Resource Center

Providing education, empowerment, and support related to sexual assault, sexual harassment, dating/domestic violence, and stalking.”

Margo: “Our most popular workshop, Bystander Level One: Foundations of Intervention…

Powerpoint changes to a new slide that reads “The 5 D’s”

Margo continues: “…discusses ways to intervene safely in a situation where violence is happening or is likely to happen.”

Cut to black screen with “#5” in white.

Voiceover: #5 

Cut to clay figure of Grace is standing somewhere outdoors, holding a cell phone.

Grace: “PARC is on social media! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for self-care tips, TV and movie reviews, and more. 

Cut to a smartphone screen scrolling through PARC’s instagram. A close up of one post, an advice column called “Dear PARC-rrr” with a blue lizard-ish cartoon appears, but the text of the post is illegible.

Cut to a split screen of live action PARC staff, Sarah Berg and Vilma Uribe, from their homes. 

Sarah: “Hi, I’m Sarah, the Director at PARC.”

Vilma: “Hi, I’m Vilma, the Assistant Director of Advocacy. PARC knows that taking care of ourselves and each other is important to being a good Brandeis citizen.”

Sarah: “Whether we are together or apart, the PARC team can help you get support and give support.”

Vilma: “Visit the PARC website for resources on violence prevention, ideas for self-care and self-preservation, and much more.”

Cut to scene of all the PARC claymation figures standing together, facing the camera, waving and smiling.

Voiceover: “Take care and stay safe from the whole PARC team!”

The camera zooms in on Ali’s face; she smiles as a “ding” noise plays.

Cut to black screen with the following PARC contact information listed:

Website: brandeis.edu/parc

Email: parc@brandeis.edu 

24/7 hotline: 1-781-736-3370

Instagram: @brandeis_parc

Facebook: brandeisparc


Followed by credits, showing a real photo of each person next to their claymation character. The credits read:

Lucia Pugh-Sellers ’20 – Peer Advocate

Ali Hagani ’22 and Juan Bordon ’22 – Peer Advocates and Violence Prevention Educators

Hannah Defay ’22 and Margo Sobel ’22 – Violence Prevention Educators

Grace Lee ‘ 22 – Peer Advocate

Sarah J. Berg and Vilma Uribe – Director and Assistant Director of Advocacy