Artist Beit Midrash and Community at BIMA

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    Video: About Artists Beit Midrash

  • The Artists Beit Midrash: Dynamic Encounters Between Judaism and Art

    At BIMA, you can explore how your commitment to Judaism and your engagement in art come together to shape who you are and who you want to be. Learn what it means to live in a Jewish arts community.

    Throughout the program, you will have opportunities to explore how the arts enrich Jewish life, and how Judaism inspires artistic creation. In our Artists' Beit Midrash (artists' house of study), you will draw inspiration from our rich Jewish tradition to create your own original artistic work that reflects your life as a young Jewish person committed to the arts. Discover how your Judaism provides a solid foundation for what you're doing today—and your plans and dreams for tomorrow.

    Community at BIMA

    BIMA connects you with young people from different backgrounds and different cultures— from across the nation and around the globe—who share your passion for the arts and Judaism. As you spend time with this dynamic group, you will explore the relationship between your Jewish identity and your artistic passions, while getting a glimpse of college life and building life-long friendships. You will also live and work with a team of educators who guide and inspire you in the challenging work of understanding diversity and creating community.

    Relationship building is one of the most rewarding elements of BIMA, whether you are working on a project with new friends, or just spending time together relaxing on campus. The friendships you make here will follow you home.

    Our staff and faculty come from a wide range of arts disciplines, and from different countries and cultures. Each one is an exceptional, inspirational role model, and brings a wealth of talents and skills to share. Because they live and work alongside you, our staff and faculty are able to take an active role in your life in and outside of the classroom.

    From the first day you arrive on campus, you will take an active role in shaping and developing our community. Collaboration, discussion and debate are welcomed, and your perspective will be heard and valued. There's a place in our community just for you—and the personality, talent, and spirit you bring that no one else could.