Culinary Art & Anthropology

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  • Discovering the Art and Anthropology of Jewish Food

    Food is one of the most important sources of connection and meaning in all of our lives. It raises controversies and questions about identity, culture, religion and justice. In this course, we will explore our relationship to food through a Jewish lens-- past, present and future-- as we get hands-on in the kitchen to delve deeply into recipes, stories and ingredients.

    Participants will develop their experience and understanding of food through cooking, writing short stories based on family recipes, researching individual dishes and working in groups to follow the development of a single recipe across time, cultures and continents. As we cook our way to understanding, we will be utilizing our very own cookbook library as a primary resource.

    We will also take field trips into the Greater Boston Area to meet with chefs, business owners, and leaders in food justice and urban farming.

    The goal of this course is to help each participant think critically about the role food plays in our lives and the lives of Jewish communities while engaging with the sights, smells, and feelings of being in the kitchen.

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