Environmental Science Field Immersive

  • Two students dissect a specimen while an instructor looks on

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  • How do we know what we know in science? Is that different than how we know things in our everyday life? What about in Jewish Studies? In this course we will engage in hands-on scientific research and exploration using state-of-the-art equipment, monitoring, and faculty at Brandeis University. Starting at the very beginning of the Torah and at the very center of modern biology we will also compare and contrast our ways of knowing and understanding in different disciplines. This course includes examining the geological record for evidence of the kinds of organisms that lived in the Boston area over the course of millennia, isolating mutant organisms following mutagenesis, and experimentally characterizing evolutionary relationships between organisms.

    The following topics and activities have been part of this course in past summers. Your experience may include some of these or others like them, depending on the instructor's plans.

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