Participant Handbook

Welcome to Brandeis Precollege Programs!

You are about to embark on a great adventure. We are excited to share this summer of learning, new experiences, friends and fun. This handbook contains general information that will be useful to you as you prepare for your time at Brandeis.

If you have any questions as you read this handbook, please contact our office.

As the summer gets closer, we will send additional program information as well as a detailed packing list. You will also receive emails from your Program Director. Please be sure to read these emails and respond in a timely manner.

We’re so glad you’re joining our community this summer!

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Before You Arrive This Summer

Living on Campus

Community Policies and Procedures

Note: These policies apply to participants in all of Brandeis University’s Precollege Programs.

As in all communities, members have not only rights, but also responsibilities. Participants in our programs are expected to behave in a manner that respects and considers the rights of others in the community. Participants are expected to comply with the policies listed below.

Additional Policies

Failure to abide by other Program policies makes a participant liable to be placed on probation. Probationary violations include:

If we deem any of these infractions to be egregious, or if there are multiple infractions of these policies, dismissal can result.

An Atmosphere of Respect, Openness and Exploration

At all of our Brandeis summer programs for high school students, we encourage participants to be open to learning new things about the world and about themselves. We pride ourselves on bringing together people from across the world and from different beliefs and lifestyles to create a vibrant, diverse community.

We encourage everyone involved in our programs to come with an open mind and to be willing and eager to ask challenging questions and to learn a lot. As a part of this, we expect that all members of our community treat each other with more than tolerance—with respect, openness and kindness. This summer is a unique and special moment for all of us, and we must all work to make it a positive experience.

We look forward to meeting you and having an amazing summer experience!