Community Life and Learning

Precollege students pose together to smile for the camera in Boston

Become part of a dynamic, international community at Genesis!

Shape your experience at Genesis through discussion, debate, social activities, creative worship and Shabbat celebrations.

Learn from and teach one another, exchange new ideas and practices, and form lifelong friendships. Connect and work with a team of educators who will guide and inspire you in the challenging work of understanding diversity and creating community.

Relationship building is one of the most rewarding elements of Genesis---even virtually! Whether you are working on a project, teaching each other a new skill, or just hanging out together online, the friendships you make at Genesis will last long after the summer ends. From the first day of the program, you will take an active role in shaping and developing our community. Collaboration, discussion and debate are welcomed, and your perspective will be heard and valued. There's a place in our community just for you - and the personality, talent, and spirit you bring.

Genesis is a truly pluralistic environment with participants from all backgrounds taking part in creating a vibrant Jewish community. From deep discussions, to worship experiences and Shabbat preparations that run from traditional to experimental, you will explore and grow your Judaism while at Genesis.

Genesis is supportive of all of the ways in which Shabbat is observed, and there will be no required use of technology on Shabbat.

In accordance with the principles of Brandeis University, Genesis is a non-sectarian program, with the primary requirement for entry being an eagerness to learn and participate in our community. Genesis welcomes participants from all backgrounds and levels of experience with Judaism.