Summer Residency in Women’s Health

Brandeis Precollege students discussing results in the lab on campus.

July 11 - 18, 2021

Bridging Research and Medicine: The Science, Genetics and Medical Implications of Diseases Impacting Women’s Health

Residential Fee: $2,990

Diseases such as HPV, breast cancer, and Zika are global health concerns. Have you ever wondered why these diseases seem to impact women more often than men? How are they diagnosed and when? Vaccinations, screenings, and treatments exist for some of these diseases, but are they effective? How do they work and what are the ethical concerns?  

In this one-week course, we will explore the molecular, genetic, medical, and clinical basis of several diseases impacting women’s health. We will conduct hands-on laboratories looking at viral structure and assembly, model clinical procedures for diagnosis, visit with experts in the field, and begin to develop an understanding of how governmental policy is designed surrounding these concerns.