French and Germans, Germans and French

A Personal Interpretation of France Under Two Occupations, 1914-1918 and 1940-1944

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Author: Richard Cobb

Series: Tauber Institute Series for the Study of European Jewry

The noted historian Richard Cobb presents an engaging synthesis of research, combined with highly original observations and analyses of the war years in France. The reader is given access to a unique private chronicle of the relations between occupants and occupés, which provides the “I was there” understanding that is a hallmark of Cobb’s well-known ability to humanize history. The author characterizes this work as “an essay in interpretation and imagination, an evocation drawing heavily on literary, or semiliterary, sources and even on autobiography, rather than a straight piece of history. The book is about people, individuals, rather than about institutions and administration.”

Subject: History

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