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cover for "hadassah"

Author: Hadassah Lieberman

Publication Date: April 2021

Born in Prague to Holocaust survivors, Hadassah Lieberman and her family immigrated in 1949 to the United States. In Hadassah, Lieberman pens the compelling story of her extraordinary life: from her family’s experience in Eastern Europe to their move to Gardner, Massachusetts; forging her career; experiencing divorce; and, following her remarriage, her life on the national political stage. By offering insight into her identity as an immigrant, an American Jew, a working woman, and a wife, mother, and grandmother, Lieberman’s moving memoir speaks to many of the major issues of our time, from immigration to gender politics. Featuring a foreword by Joe Lieberman and an afterword by Megan McCain, it is a true American story.

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cover for "boston's oldest buildings"

Author: Joseph M. Bagley

Publication Date: April 2021

The fifty buildings featured in this book all pre-date 1800 and illustrate Boston’s early history. This is the first book to survey Boston’s fifty oldest buildings and does so through an approachable narrative which will appeal to nonarchitects and those new to historic preservation. Geographically, the majority of the buildings are located within the downtown area of Boston along the Freedom Trail and within easy walking distance from the core of the city. This makes the book an ideal guide for tourists, and residents of the city will also find it interesting as it includes numerous properties in the surrounding neighborhoods.

cover for "ducks on parade!"

Editor: Nancy Schön

Publication Date: April 2021

Inspired by Robert McCloskey‘s beloved children’s book of the same name, the iconic bronze Make Way for Ducklings sculpture in Boston’s Public Garden has come to serve as something of a record of the recent decades of life in the city itself. In a series of delightful photographs taken by members of the public, Ducks on Parade! chronicles many of the original, moving, humorous, and startling outfits that artistic Bostonians have dressed the ducks in. From summer hats to winter scarves, from the Women’s March to Black Lives Matter, the ducks reflect the life of the city and our country.

cover for "wood engraving"

Author: Barry Moser

Publication Date: April 2021

Written and illustrated by master wood engraver Barry Moser, this primer on the art of wood engraving is filled with valuable knowledge including how to prepare a printing block; how to think in the medium’s properties of line, shape, and ink; and how to transfer a drawing onto a block. It also offers practical advice on which tools to use for a project and which ink works best. A highly illustrated guide to this art form, Wood Engraving will be useful to experienced and beginner engravers alike.

cover to "hermann cohen"

Editors: Samuel Moyn and Robert S. Schine

Publication Date: July 2021

This newly translated collection of Herman Cohen's writings—most of which are appearing in English for the first time—illuminates his achievements for student readers and rectifies lapses in his intellectual reception by prior generations. Containing full annotations and selections that concentrate both on the philosophical core of Cohen’s writings and the politics of interpretation of his work at the time of his death and after, Hermann Cohen truly brings to light all of Cohen’s accomplishments.

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cover of "memoirs"

Now in Paperback

Editor: Christian Wiese

Publication Date: April 2021

This memoir, a diverse collection of previously unpublished materials—diaries, letters, interviews, and public statements—has been organized by Christian Wiese, whose afterword links the Jewish dimensions of Jonas’s life and philosophy. Because Jonas’s life spanned the entire twentieth century, this memoir provides nuanced pictures of German Jewry during the Weimar Republic, of German Zionism, of the Jewish emigrants in Palestine during the 1930s and 1940s, and of German Jewish émigré intellectuals in New York.


cover of "expanding the palace of torah"

Second Edition

Author: Tamar Ross

Publication Date: March 2021

“Expanding the Palace of Torah” offers a broad philosophical overview of the challenges the women’s revolution poses to Orthodox Judaism, and Orthodox Judaism’s response to those challenges. This new edition brings this acclaimed and classic text back into print with a new essay by Tamar Ross which examines new developments in feminist thought since the book was first published in 2004.

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cover of "new perspectives in american jewish history"

Editors: Mark A. Raider and Gary Phillip Zola

Publication Date: July 2021

New Perspectives in American Jewish History presents previously unpublished, neglected, or rarely seen historical documents and images that illuminate the breadth, diversity, and dynamism of the American Jewish experience. The collection travels across time and space to shed light on intriguing and generative moments that span the varieties of Jewish experience in the American setting from the colonial era to the present. The materials underscore the interrelationship of myriad themes including ritual observance, Jewish-Christian relations, civil rights, Zionism and Israel, and immigration. 

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cover of "honoring the history of the brandeis library"

Editor: Sarah M. Shoemaker

Publication Date: July 2021

The Brandeis University Library holds rare collections on a range of topics, spanning six centuries. This special-edition book features sixty rare books and manuscripts from the library's Special Collections department. Full-color images of items accompany descriptions of each item or collection written by Brandeis faculty, graduate students, librarians, and scholars. The featured items include rare books, artistic works, photographs, manuscript collections, Judaica materials, historically significant archival collections, and more.

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