Forthcoming Books

cover of "maine's lithographic landscapes"

Author: Earle G. Shettleworth, Jr. 

Publication Date: August 2020

During the nineteenth century, Americans celebrated their towns and cities through printed landscapes. In Maine, lithographs were commissioned from such leading artists as Fitz Henry Lane and talented, lesser known local artists, such as Esteria Butler. This book reproduces many of these works and provides insights into how these growing centers of commerce and industry viewed themselves and wished to be viewed by others.

It’s the perfect book for those who love Maine, both full-time residents and those who make it a beloved summer destination. Published in association with the Bowdoin College Museum of Art, the book is the perfect way to honor the bicentennial of Maine statehood.

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cover of "bark"

Author: Michael Wojtech

Publication Date: September 2020

What kind of tree is that? Whether you’re hiking in the woods or simply sitting in your backyard, from Maine to New York you’ll never be without an answer to that question, thanks to this handy companion to the trees of the Northeast. Featuring detailed information and illustrations covering each phase of a tree’s lifecycle, this indispensable guidebook explains how to identify trees by their bark alone—no more need to wait for leaf season.

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cover of "learning on the left"

Author: Stephen J. Whitfield

Publication Date: September 2020

Brandeis University is the nation’s only Jewish-sponsored nonsectarian university. Though established immediately after World War II, Brandeis has risen to become one of the most respected institutions of higher learning in the United States. The faculty and alumni of the university have made exceptional contributions to myriad disciplines, but they have also played a surprisingly formidable role in American civic life.

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cover of "the other boston busing story"

Author: Susan E. Eaton

Publication Date: September 2020

METCO, America’s longest-running voluntary school desegregation program, buses black children from Boston’s city neighborhoods to predominantly white suburban schools. In contrast to the infamous violence and rage that greeted forced school busing within the city in the 1970s, the work of METCO has quietly and calmly promoted school integration. In The Other Boston Busing Story, sixty-five METCO graduates who are now adults reflect, vividly recalling their own stories and assessing the benefits and hardships of crossing racial and class lines on their way to school. This book offers an accessible and moving account of a rare program that, despite serious challenges, provides a practical remedy for the persistent inequalities in American education. This new edition puts the original findings in a contemporary context.

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cover of "vulture"

Author: Katie Fallon

Publication Date: September 2020

Few animals have a worse reputation than the vulture. But is it deserved? With Vulture, Katie Fallon offers an irresistible argument to the contrary, tracing a year in the life of a typical North American turkey vulture. Deftly drawing on the most up-to-date scientific papers and articles and weaving those in with interviews with world-renowned raptor and vulture experts and her own compelling natural history writing, Fallon examines all aspects of the bird’s natural history to create an intimate portrait of an underappreciated bird—one you’ll never look at in the same way again.

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cover of "Georgia o'keeffe"

Author: Roxana Robinson

Publication Date: October 2020

When Roxana Robinson’s definitive biography of O’Keeffe was first published in 1989, it received rave reviews and was named a New York Times Notable Book of the Year. This new edition features a new foreword by the author setting O’Keeffe in an artistic context over the last thirty years since the book was first published, as well as previously unpublished letters of the young O’Keeffe to her lover, Arthur Macmahon. It also relates the story of Robinson’s own encounter with the artist. As interest in O’Keeffe continues to grow among museum-goers and scholars alike, this book remains indispensable for understanding her life and art.

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cover of "why fiction matters"

Author: David Der-wei Wang

Publication Date: October 2020

Contemporary discussions of China tend to focus on politics and economics, giving Chinese culture little if any attention. Why Fiction Matters in Contemporary China offers a corrective, revealing the crucial role that fiction plays in helping contemporary Chinese citizens understand themselves and their nation. Where history fails to address the consequences of man-made and natural atrocities, David Der-wei Wang argues, fiction arises to bear witness to the immemorial and unforeseeable.

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cover for "blood and boundaries"

Author: Stuart B. Schwartz

Publication Date: November 2020

Stuart B. Schwartz takes us to late medieval Latin America to show how Spain and Portugal’s policies of exclusion and discrimination based on religious origins and genealogy were transferred to their colonies in Latin America. Rather than concentrating on the three principal divisions of colonial society—Indians, Europeans, and people of African origins—as is common in studies of these colonial societies, Schwartz examines the three minority groups of moriscos, conversos, and mestizos. Despite the efforts of civil, and church, and state institutions to regulate, denigrate, and exclude, members of these affected groups often found legal and practical means to ignore, circumvent, or challenge the efforts to categorize and exclude them, creating in the process the dynamic societies of Latin America that emerged in the nineteenth century.

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cover for "don isaac abravanel"

Author: Cedric Cohen-Skalli

Publication Date: November 2020

Don Isaac Abravanel (1437–1508) was one of the great inventors of Jewish modernity. A merchant, banker, and court financier, a scholar versed in both Jewish and Christian writings, a preacher and exegete, a prominent political actor in royal entourages and Jewish communities, Abravanel was one of the greatest leaders and thinkers of Iberian Jewry in the aftermath of the expulsion of 1492. This book, the first new intellectual biography of Abravanel in twenty years, depicts his life in three cultural milieus—Portugal, Castile, and post-expulsion Italy—and analyzes his major literary accomplishments in each period. 

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