About BUP

Founded over 40 years ago, Brandeis University Press was part of the University Press of New England consortium. In January 2019, the consortium disbanded and Brandeis University Press became a stand-alone entity, with sales, marketing and distribution handled by the University of Chicago Press.

The Press has a vibrant backlist of over 300 titles, and its remit is to build this list expanding into a wide variety of subject areas to represent the interests of the university, and to explore the wider world in which it is situated.

Our publishing program engages diverse subjects and perspectives in the humanities, social sciences, natural history and the environment. The Press is also committed to publishing compelling and innovative approaches to the study of the Jewish experience worldwide.

Brandeis University Press books are published in hardcover, softcover and ebook formats. Selected and backlist titles are also made available open access on the Brandeis  Institutional Repository.


Brandeis University Press extends the university’s mission of teaching, research and service by promoting, publishing and disseminating works of intellectual and cultural significance and enduring value.

Brandeis University Press is dedicated to the advancement of the humanities, arts and social, natural and physical sciences, and to the values of social justice, cultural diversity and intellectual integrity.