Economy, Health, and Environment

Economy, Health and Environment

AAAS 60a
Economics of Third World Hunger

AAAS 80a
Economy and Society in Africa

AAAS 122a
Politics of Southern Africa

AAAS 126b
Political Economy of the Third World

AAAS 158a
Theories of Development and Underdevelopment

AMST 30b
American Environmental History

AMST 102aj
Environment, Social Justice, and Empowerment

AMST 106b
Food and Farming in America

ANTH 55a
Anthropology of Development

ANTH 70a
Business, Culture and Society

ANTH 127a
Medicine, Body, and Culture

ANTH 163b
Production, Consumption, and Exchange

ANTH 164a
Medicine and Religion

ANTH 165a
The Amazon Forest: Challenges, Opportunities, and Paradoxes

BISC 6bj
Environmental Health

Bus 170a
Business in the Global Economy

CHEM 33a
Environmental Chemistry

Solving Environmental Challenges: The Role of Chemistry

Understanding the Chemistry of Sustainability

ECON 30a
The Economy of China

ECON 122b
The Economics of the Middle East

ECON 141b
Economics of Innovation

ECON 172b
Money and Banking

ECON 175a
Introduction to the Economics of Development

ECON 176a
The Household, Health, and Hunger in Developing Countries

ENVS 18b
International Environmental Conflict and Collaboration

ENVS 102aj
Field Research and Study Methods: Environmental Health

GECS 188b
Human/Nature: European Perspectives on Climate Change

HIST 180a
The Global Opium Trade: 1755-Present

HIST 187a
Frenemy States: Identity and Integration in East Aisa

HS 110a
Wealth and Poverty

HSSP 102a
Global Perspectives on Health

IGS 145a
Poverty, Inequalities, and the Environment

SOC 136b
Historical and Comparative Sociology

SQS 160a
Transnational Sexualities

WMGS 135b
Postcolonial Feminisms