Global Governance, conflict & responsibilty

Governance, Conflict, and Responsibility

AAAS 18b
Africa and the West

AAAS 120a
African History in Real Time

AAAS 125b
Caribbean Women and Globalization: Sexuality, Citizenship, Work

ANTH 115b
Borderlands: Space, Place, and Landscape

ANTH 133b
Colonialism and Post-coloniality in Africa: Encounters and Dilemmas

ANTH 140a
Human Rights in Global Perspective

ANTH 141a

FREN 111a
The Republic

HIST 56b
World History to 1960

HIST 61a
Cultures in Conflict since 1300

HIST 71b
Latin American History, 1870 to the Present

HIST 80b
East Asia: Nineteenth Century to the Present (China and Japan)

HIST 111a
The History of the Modern Middle East

HIST 112a
Nationalism in the Middle East

HIST 139b
Fascism East and West

HIST 143b
European Imperialism, 1870-1914

HIST 150a
Russia in World War II

HIST 154a
Stalin Revolution: Foundations of Modern Russia

HIST 164b
The American Century: The U.S. and the World, 1945 to the Present

HIST 176b
Japan and Korea in Modern World History

HIST 177b
Modern Germany: Rise of a Global Power

HIST 182b
Modern China

HIST 186a
Europe in World War II

IGS 130a
Global Migration LGLS 124b
International Law and Development

Networks of Global Justice

The Spirit of International Law

Advocacy in the International Criminal Court

IGS/SAS 160a
The Rise of India

IMES 104a
Islam: Civilization and Institutions

LGLS 123b
Immigration and Human Rights

LGLS 124b
International Law and Development

LGLS 125b
International Law and Organizations

PHIL 119a
Human Rights

POL 127a
Ending Deadly Conflict

POL 127b
Seminar: Managing Ethnic Conflict

POL 127b
Seminar: Managing Ethnic Conflict

POL 128a
The Politics of Revolution: State Violence and Popular Insurgency in the Third World

POL 134b
The Global Migration Crisis

POL 135b
Politics of Islamic Resurgence

POL 144a
Latin American Politics I

POL 144b
Latin American Politics II

POL 145b
Muslims in the West: Politics, Religion, and Law

POL 146b
Seminar: Topics in Revolutions in the Third World

POL 147a
The Government and Politics of China

POL 148a
Seminar: Contemporary Chinese Politics

POL 149b

POL 150a
Politics of Southeast Asia

POL 153a
The New Europe: European Economic and Political Integration

POL 160a
The War on Global Terrorism

POL 164a
Conflict and Peacemaking in the Middle East

POL 167a
United States and China in World Politics

POL 172b
Seminar: International Political Economy

POL 174b
Seminar: Problems of National Security

POL 176a
Seminar: International Intervention

POL 179a
China's Global Rise: The Challenge to Democratic Order

POL 184a
Global Justice

SAS 110a
South Asian Postcolonial Writers

SAS 140a
We Who Are at Home Everywhere: Narratives from the South Asian Diaspora

SOC 119a
Deconstructing War, Building Peace

SOC 122a
The Sociology of American Immigration

SOC 127a
Gods and Nations: Identity in Global Relations

SOC 146b
Globalization and Nationalism

SOC 162a
Intellectuals and Revolutionary Politics

SOC 168a
Democracy and Inequality in Global Perspective

WMGS 105b
Feminisms: History, Theory, and Practice