Past Retreats

2018: Annual QB Retreat, November 1-3, Provincetown Inn, Provincetown, MA. Keynote speaker: Mary Struthers (Bristol, Meyers, Squibb)   

2017: Annual QB Retreat, October 12-14,  Provincetown Inn, Provincetown, MA. Keynote speaker: Alessio Accardi (Cornell University)

2016: Annual QB Retreat, October 20th & 21st, Woods Hole, MA. Keynote speaker: Katherine Henzler-Wildman (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

2015: Annual QB Retreat, October 15th & 16, Woods Hole, MA. Keynote speaker: Bill Kobertz (UMass Medical)

2014:  Annual QB Retreat October 16th & 17th, Woods Hole, MA.  Keynote speaker: Joanne Stubbe (MIT)

2013: Annual QB Retreat October 17th & 18th, Woods Hole, MA.  Keynote speaker:  Ann Stock (Rutgers)

2012: Annual QB Retreat, October 18th & 19th, Woods Hole, MA. Keynote speaker: Karen Allen (BU)

Annual Retreat

While the QB Boot Camp is all about teaching, with most lectures given by faculty, the annual QB retreat is entirely about student research. During the retreat, all students in the QB program communicate their work either by giving 20-minute talks or by presenting posters. 

The retreat spans two days, with lunch on both days and a banquet at the end of the first day. We hold the retreat jointly with the Biochemistry and Biophysics Ph.D. program. Having both programs together makes the retreat large enough that there seems to be a “critical mass” of students and faculty. The combined retreats have been extremely successful, with multiple students commenting that they are an intellectual high point of their year.