Between Worlds 2004
by Stephenal Thakiy

2007 • 020

Acrylic on Canvas.
68.5 x 94 centimeters

Lent by Maryanne and Gary Sachs

Between Worlds 2004

As painted here…she’s a town girl but at the same time there’s a lot of influence you get when you are mixed up with other cultures, but you have to keep your culture.

Sometimes when you see horrible things in your country you feel ashamed and you just want to…pretend to forget all the culture that you have. Trying to do that might impact later on your children…If I don’t remind [my child] of the stories, my culture and my ancestors, like how Dinka culture was like…he won’t be able to remember because he doesn’t know anything about it unless I tell him….My expectations I have on my child [are] that he will grow with certain values that my parents taught me and those values are part of me no matter how much I try to pretend to detach myself from this culture. It’s not going to go anywhere because I was born in that specific area and that’s who I am.

Yar Ayuel


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