Refugee from Sudan 2004
by Mario Lual Deng

2007 • 011

Acrylic on Canvas.
36.9 x 25 inches / 93.8 x 63.5 cm

Donated to the Sudanese Education Fund by Meredith Moses

Refugee from Sudan 2004

This painting represents the manifold results of the war. Displayed is a house lived in by Sudanese refugees, constructed using both traditional Dinka hatching and building methods picked up in the camps.


In a typical Dinka setting, [a fence was] only used for animals. It wasn't usually around the houses, but in the refugee camp, people started putting fences around their houses.

He is the one carrying the food. [A] result of the war [is] that you are basically left by yourself. In traditional Dinka life everybody else would be around helping him if he was hurt. [He is] the only person left to help [him]self. [However,] he is the person that needs more help than anybody else. But...the war made it so nobody is there to help him

Panther Alier

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