Dissertations and Job Placements


Nicole D. Ayasse

Dissertation: The Eyes as a Window to Speech Comprehension: Effects of Cognitive Aging and Hearing Acuity on Processing Speed and Listening Effort

Workplace/Position: Postdoctoral Associate, Department of Psychology, Brandeis University

Veronica Lee Flores

Dissertation: The Experienced Palate is a Smart Palate: A Behavioral and Neural Investigation of the Impact of Incidental Taste Experience on Future Taste Learning in Female Long Evans Rats

Workplace/Position: Assistant Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience, Furman University



Alex Fiksdal
Dissertation: Assessing Moderators of Cortisol Stress Response Trajectories: A Piecewise Hierarchical Modeling Approach


Yuliya Kuras

Dissertation: Childhood Adversity and Multi-System Stress Functioning: From the Intracellular Level to the Cognitive Level

Workplace/Position: Project Manager, Brigham and Women's Hospital/Harvard Medical School

Laura Paige

Dissertation: Investigating the Effects of Lying on Memory

Workplace/Position: Senior Analyst, Applied Marketing Science

Sujala Maharjan

Dissertation: The Effects of Repetition and Spatial Arrangement on the Extraction of Ensemble Statistics

Workplace/Position: Research Analyst, Decision Resources Group

Stephanie Robinson

Dissertation: Perceived Control and Cognition: A Multimethod Approach to Exploring Physical Activity as a Mechanism

Workplace/Position: Associated Health Postdoctoral Fellow, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Luke Hanlin

Dissertation: The Effects of Dietary Restriction on Physiological Stress Systems

Workplace/Position: Project Manager II, Sanofi


Nicholas Brisbon

Dissertation: Mindfulness in Relation to Stress, Intrusive Thinking, Sleep Quality and Memory

Workplace/Position: Psychiatric Clinician, Psychiatric Emergency Department, Boston Medical Center

Franklyn Graham

Dissertation: Sexual Psychopathy: The Role of Attention and Reward Related Deficits

Workplace/Position: User Research, X-Box

Sonja Krstic

Dissertation: Psychopathy and Sexual Aggression: Etiology, Variants and Management Implications

Workplace/Position: Lecturer, Brandeis University

Carrie Robertson

Dissertation: Psychopathic and Sexually Sadistic Cognitions, Traits, and Behaviors: Relations with Biomarkers and Stress Responses

Workplace/Position: Assistant Director of Admission | Title IX Administrator, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Brandeis University

Salom Teshale

Dissertation: Short and Long-term Change in Selective Optimization with Compensation Strategies and the Relationship to Well Being and Stress in Adulthood

Workplace/Position: Advanced Training Fellowship in Rehabilitation Policy Research, University of Washington


Jasmine Boshyan

Dissertation: In Your Face: Examining Mechanisms of Accurately Perceiving Threat from Faces

Workplace/Position: Senior Clinical Research Associate, Leica Biosystems

Sarah Lupis

Dissertation: Assessing Associations between Self-conscious Emotion and Cortisol Stress Responses: Influences of Development and Culture

Workplace/Position: Psychology Department and Graduate Program Coordinator, Brandeis University; Adjunct Faculty, Mass General Hospital Institute of Health Professions

Alexander Sacha Panic

Dissertation: Visual and Vestibular Contributions to the Perception and Control of Dynamic Spatial Orientation

Workplace/Position: CoFounder, Gamayun Scientific


Kenneth Pitts

Dissertation: Determinants of Cortisol Signaling

Workplace/Position: Research Scientist, United States Army, Research Institute of Environmental Medicine

Danielle Gianferante

Dissertation: Age and Sex Differences in Glucocorticoid Sensitivity of Pro-inflammatory Cytokine Production after Repeated Psychosocial Stress

Workplace/Position: Adjunct Professor, Psychology, Lasell College


Erin Bishop

Dissertation: Effectiveness of the Caring School Community Program in Reducing School Bullying and Victimization
Workplace/Position: Senior Department Coordinator, Brandeis Graduate School of Arts & Sciences

Amanda Lash

Dissertation: Spoken Word Recognition: A Window into the Aging Brain and Ear
Workplace/Position: Assistant Professor, Psychological Sciences, Whittier College

Monika Lohani

Dissertation: Experiential-behavioral-physiological coherence during emotional reactivity and regulation in younger and older adults
Workplace/Position: Center for Emotional Intelligence, Yale University

Brittany Cassidy

Dissertation: Behavioral and Neural Responses to Appearance-Behavior Congruity
Workplace/Position: Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina, Greensboro

Abigail Noyce

Dissertation: Neural processes for learning and monitoring sequential regularities in changeable environments
Workplace/Position: PostDoctoral Fellow, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, Boston University

Michael Polito

Dissertation: Stereotype Threat in Older Drivers: The Stereotype and the Threat
Workplace/Position: Research Analyst, Boston University


Margeaux Auslander

Dissertation: Effects of control beliefs on veridical and false memory in reality monitoring, schema use, and the misinformation effect
Workplace/Position: Senior Recruitment and Admissions Analyst, Infused Solutions LLC

Mary Jo Larcom

Dissertation: Examining the Influence of Mood on the Interpretation of Emotional Expressions in Older and Younger Adults
Workplace/Position: Assistant Professor of Psychology, Bloomsberg University of Pennsylvania

Yoona Lee

Dissertation: The Relation of Physical Discipline to Child Aggression and Bullying Behaviors: Ethnic Family Relationships and Environment as Moderators Among European, African, and Hispanic American, and East Asian Children
Workplace/Position: Assistant Professor of Psychology, Barnard College, Columbia University

Xiaolan Li

Dissertation: Context-Specific Motor Adaptation with Auditory Cues in Novel Dynamic Environments

Scott Motyka

Dissertation: Clarifying Issues in Regulatory Fit Theory:  The Relation of Affect and Measurement Scale Structure to Regulatory Focus and Fit
Workplace/Position: Assistant Professor, Keck Graduate Institute of Claremont

Nicole Rosa

Dissertation: Effects of Self-Esteem, Gender and Alzheimer's Disease on Self-referencing in Memory
Workplace/Position: Assistant Professor, Psychology Department, Worcester State University


Hyeon-Nyeon Lee

Dissertation: How Group Identification Contributes to Group-Reference Effect with Age: A Multidimensional Group Identification Perspective
Workplace/Position: Lecturer: Duksung Women's University and Jeonbuk National University

Henry Galperin

Dissertation: Coding Low-Level Visual Features of Natural Scenes in the Brain
Workplace/Position: Lecturer in Psychology, Brandeis University

Emily Schmidt

Dissertation: "Let pride go afore, shame will follow after": The Influence of Cultural Conceptualizations of the Social Emotions of Pride and Shame on Behavioral Inclination, Identification Expression and Experience
Workplace/Position: The College of the Holy Cross/Visiting Assistant Professor

Michael Strom

Dissertation: The Influence of Racial Category Suppression on Feature-Based Effects
Workplace/Position: Research Analyst, NMR Group Inc.


Jane Harries Theriault

Dissertation: The Etiology of Sexual Aggression in Non-Clinical Adults
Workplace/Position: Visiting Lecturer, Brandeis University, Waltham, MA

Eyleen Zhang

Dissertation: Neural and Behavioral Responses Toward Perceived Affordances of Gaze and Attractiveness
Workplace/Position: Director, Sentient Consumer Subconscious Research Laboratory, Sentient Decision Science, Inc., Portsmouth, NH.

Amanda Hemmesch

Dissertation: Older Adult's First Impressions of Individuals with Parkinson's Disease: The Stigmatizing Effects of Facial Masking and Abnormal Bodily Movement
Workplace/Position: Project Director in Epidemiology, Boston University, Boston, MA.

Kymberlee O'Brien

Dissertation: Moral Congruity: Moral Decision-Making Under Psychological and Physiological Stress due to Social Evaluation
Workplace/Position: Postdoctoral Fellow: Dr. Edward Tronick, Harvard Medical School, Children's Hospital, Boston, MA


Eric Allard

Dissertation: The Influence of Cognitive Control Effort on Age-Related Positivity Effects in Visual Fixation
Workplace/Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience Laboratory, Boston College

Eileen Kranz Graham

Dissertation: Personality and Cognition Characteristics that Drive the Cognition/Personality Link Across the Adult Lifespan
Workplace/Position: Visiting Assistant Professor, Mt. Holyoke College

Jie Huang

Dissertation: Visual Short-Term Memory:  Attention, Recognition, Recall and Electrophysiology
Workplace/Position: Postdoctoral Associate at MIT's Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences

Susan Letourneau

Dissertation: Distributing attention across the face: Effects of deafness and sign language experience
Workplace/Position: Bergstrom Living Laboratory Fellow, Museum of Science, Boston


Heather Wadlinger

Dissertation: Looking on the Bright Side: The Effect of a Positive Visual Attention Training Intervention of Attention and Emotion Regulation
Workplace/Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, The Prevention and Methodology Training Program, Penn State University

Michael Sheehan

Dissertation: An Analysis of Aggressive Victims: Behavioral and Psychosocial Characteristics in Children and Adolescents
Workplace/Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, Quinnipiac University

Jeongsook Yoon

Dissertation: Psychopathy in Sexual Coercion against Women: the Role of Emotion and Attention
Workplace/Position: Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, Chung-Ang University, Seoul, Korea

Cai Xing

Dissertation: The Effects of Emotion and Motivation on Attentional Patterns in the Decision-making Process
Workplace/Position: Assistant Professor of Psychology at Renmin University, Beijing, China

Danielle M. Maurice

Dissertation: Perceptions of Justice in the Criminal Justice System: The Experience of Non-Offending Caregivers of Child Sexual Abuse Victims
Workplace/Position: Policy Analyst/Evaluator, Hornby Zeller Associates. Inc.


Kelly Cotter

Dissertation: No Strain, No Gain: An Application of Social Cognitive Theory to Physical Activity across the Lifespan
Workplace/Position: Assistant Professor at California State University, Sacremento

Jiang Luo

Dissertation: Optimism, Cognition, and Information Processing in Medical Decision Making
Workplace/Position: Adjunct Faculty at Morton College

Masako Kikuchi

Dissertation: Appearance Stereotypes and Social Value Orientation: Perception and Behavior in a Mixed-Motive Situation


Victor Luevano

Dissertation: Truth in Advertising: The Relationship of Facial Appearance to Apparent and Actual Health Across Lifespan
Workplace/Position: Assistant Professor at California State University, Stanislaus

Vanessa Ferriera

Dissertation: Perception of SES and Support with Objective SES in the Physical functioning of Lower Income older Adults
Workplace/Position: Executive Director, Mattapoisett Counsel on Aging

Arelys Feliciano Sanchez

Dissertation: Age & Cognitive Performance in Adult Onset Diabetes in a New England Puerto Rican Community
Workplace/Position: Research Fellow, Hebrew Rehabilitation Center For Aged, Harvard Medical School


Cheryl DeLancey

Dissertation: What is in a Face? Hedonic Tone Judgements and Behavioral Inclinations in Response to Emerging Emotional Facial Expressions
Workplace/Position: Assistant Professor of Child Development at California State University, Stanislaus


Feng Zhou

Dissertation: Information Processing and Selective Attention in Short-term Visual Memory
Workplace/Position: Brandeis University, Post doc

Yuko Yotsumoto

Dissertation: Understanding Visual Memory: Higher Dimensional Application of a Summed Similarity Model, Theoretical Approach using Signal Detection Theory, and Neurophysiological Measures
Workplace/Position: Boston University, Post Doctoral Research Associate

Sandra L. McCoy

Dissertation: The Effects of Age-Related Sensory and Cognitive Change on Speech and Language Comprehension
Workplace/Position: University of British Columbia, Assistant Professor

Robyn Lebovitz

Dissertation: Maintaining Weight Loss: The Role of Social Influences and Social Relationships
Workplace/Position: Research Scientist, Gillette Advanced Technology Center

Stacey Whitbourne

Dissertation: Daily Memory Failures in Adulthood: The Role of Control Beliefs and Activity
Workplace/Position: BU School of Public Health, Postdoctoral Fellow

Xiaolin Yu

Dissertation: The Relation of Family Influences and Personal Inhibition to Childhood Aggression in China and in the U.S.: A Cross-Cultural Study
Workplace/Position: Research on Ageing, Health and Wellbeing (CRAHW) at the Australian National University, Research Associate

Mark Saviano

Dissertation: When Is Aggression Perceived Favorably? The Role of Provocation, Facial Maturity, and Form of Aggression.
Workplace/Position: Colorado College, Psychology Department, Technical/Statistical Director

Mandy Smith

Dissertation: Couples and Condoms: A Dyadic Approach to Condom Decision in Latino Anglo Dating Couples
Workplace/Position: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Research Analyst

Kimberly Firth

Dissertation: Goal Outcomes in Adulthood: The Influence of Temporal Orientation and Perceived Control
Workplace/Position: George Washington University, Research Associate


Viviane Siino-Sears

Dissertation: Motor Adaptation to Contacting and Non Contacting Coriolis Forces
Workplace/Position: Ananomouse Corporation, Vice President of Product Development

Maria Parmley

Dissertation: Perceiving Anger and Sadness: How Might Age, Gender, and Contextual Ambiguity Influence the Process?
Workplace/Position: Assumption College, Lecturer in Psychology

Kathleen Nancy Holmes
Dissertation: Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity and Comorbid Psychiatric Syndromes: An Analysis by Subtype and Gender
Jason Maurice

Dissertation: Interrelationships Between Cognitive Discrepancies, Body Affect, and Body Changing Behaviors
Workplace/Position: Market Decisions Research Analyst

Jasmina Burdovic Andreas

Dissertation: Pathways of Risk and Resilence in the Development of Aggression in Children: The role of Family Functioning and Children's Social-Cognitive Styles.
Workplace/Position: Brown University, Assistant Professor


Jong Sup Jun

DissertationSyntactic and Semantic Bases of Case: A Study of Verbal Nouns, Light Verbs and Dative.
Workplace/Position: Seoul National University, Lecturer


Carrie Andreoletti

Dissertation: The influence of stereotype-consistent and stereotype-inconsistent information on memory performance in adulthood.
Workplace/Position: Brandeis University, Research Assistant

Jennifer Mueller

Dissertation: The effects of expressive writing on performance and well-being in the work place.
Workplace/Position: Yale University

Geoffrey Wright

Dissertation: Human self-motion perception during vertical linear oscillation and virtual environment exposure.
Workplace/Position: LMU-Grosshaden Clinical Center, Germany, Post doc


Deborah Little

Dissertation: Age and attentional contraints on the encoding and recall of spoken discourse
Workplace/Position: University of Illinois Eye Center, Post doc

Anne Verbeck Sorber

Dissertation: The role of Peer Socialization in the development of emotion display rules: Effects of age, gender, and emotion.
Workplace/Position: Assumption College, Lecturer


Sherry Lynn Anders

Dissertation: Gender and Working Models of Attachment: An Examination of Gender Differences in Communication Strategies Used to Pursue Attachment Goals
Workplace/Position: Suffolk University, Clinical Respecialization Program

Margaret Oliveira

Dissertation: The Effect of Media's Objectification of Beauty on Children's Body Esteem
Workplace/Position: CT Voices for Children, Early Childhood Research and Policy Analyst

Kristen Joy Prentice

Dissertation: Drawing Inferences from Spoken Discourse: Effects of Verbal Working Memory and Normal Aging
Workplace/Position: University of Maryland school of Medicine, Psychiatric Research Center

Darlene Kennedy Winkleman

Dissertation: The Relationship Among Ambivalence over the Inhibition and Expression of Specific Emotions, Physical Health, and Psychological Well-Being
Workplace/Position: University of Connecticut Health Center, Research Assistant