1997-98 University Bulletin Entry for:

The Program in the Creative Arts

S = Objectives

University Studies offerings in the creative arts aim to develop an understanding and appreciation of the arts either through direct participation in the creative process or historical and analytical study of major artistic achievements.

The "hands-on" offerings are generally beginning-level courses for which no prior training is required. They are designed to enhance the student's ability to perceive the world of the mind and the senses and give that experience formal expression.

The historical and analytical offerings are of two kinds. Some are broad survey courses that introduce the student to the rudiments of one or more of the arts and examples of their practice from early times to the present. Other courses focus on a particular period, artist, or theme, but do so in a way that both elucidates the intrinsic nature of specific art forms and presents artistic developments as expressions of larger movements of the human spirit.

Since the founding of the University, the creative arts have been an integral component in the general education of the Brandeis undergraduate. In addition to the University Studies Program, the departments of the School of Creative Arts--Fine Arts, Music, and Theater Arts--offer a sustained program of concerts, exhibitions, and theatrical productions. Students are also encouraged to take advantage of the wide range of museums, art galleries, and performance centers in the city of Boston and at our sister institutions throughout the area.

S = Courses of Instruction


ANTH 62a

Non-Western Musical Traditions

L =


CLAS 133b

The Art and Archaeology of Ancient Greece

CLAS 134b

The Art and Archaeology of Ancient Rome

L =


FA 1a

Elements of Design in Art I

FA 1b

Elements of Design in Art II

FA 3a

Introduction to Drawing I

FA 3b

Introduction to Drawing II

FA 4a

Three-Dimensional Design I

FA 4b

Three-Dimensional Design II

FA 12a

History of Asian Art

FA 13b

Buddhist Art

FA 17a

History of Art I: From Antiquity to the Middle Ages

FA 18b

History of Art II: From the Renaissance to the Modern Age

FA 19b

Lives of the Artists

FA 21b

Survey of Western Architecture

FA 22b

History of Boston Architecture

FA 45a

St. Peter's and the Vatican

FA 61b

Inventing Tradition: Women as Artists, Women as Art

FA 70a

Paris/New York: Revolutions of Modernism

FA 71a

Modern Art and Modern Culture

FA 76b

History of Photography

L =


MUS 1a

Introduction to Music

MUS 5a

Fundamentals of Music

MUS 5b

Introduction to Theory and Musicianship

MUS 38a

A History of Music in the United States

MUS 42a

The Music of Johann Sebastian Bach

MUS 43a

Mozart and Eros

MUS 45a


MUS 51b

The Symphony

MUS 56b

Romanticism and Music

MUS 57a

Music and Culture: From Romanticism to the Modern Era

MUS 101a

Theory and Musicianship I: Part 1

MUS 101b

Theory and Musicianship I: Part 2

L =


THA 1a

The Theater in History I

THA 104a

Playwriting I

THA 185b

Dramatic Structure: Analysis and Application