1999-2000 Course Abbreviations

1999-2000 Bulletin Entry for:

Course Abbreviations

(file last updated: [6/5/1998 - 15:5:12])

AAAS African and Afro-AmericanStudies

AMST American Studies

ANTH Anthropology

ARBC Arabic

BCHM Biochemistry

BCOM Composition

BCSC Biochemical Science

BIBC Biology and Biochemistry

BIOC Bioorganic Chemistry

BIOL Biology

BIOP Biophysics and StructuralBiology

BISC Biological Science

CHEM Chemistry

CHIN Chinese

CHIS Comparative History

CHSC Chemical Science

CLAS Classical Studies

COML Comparative Literature

CONT Continuation

COSI Computer Science

EAS East Asian Studies

ECON Economics

ECS European Cultural Studies

ED Education

ENG English

ENVS Environmental Studies

ESL English as a Second Language

FA Fine Arts

FECS French and European CulturalStudies

FILM Film Studies

FIN Finance

FREN French

FWS Foundational Writing Seminar

GECS German and European CulturalStudies

GENC Genetic Counseling

GER German

GRK Greek

HBRW Hebrew

HIP Humanities InterdisciplinaryProgram

HIST History

HLS Health, Law, and Society

HOID History of Ideas

HS Heller School

HUM Humanities

IB International Business

ICON Independent Concentration

IECS Italian and European CulturalStudies

IEF International Economicsand Finance

IMES Islamic and Middle EasternStudies

ISP International Studies Program

ITAL Italian

JAPN Japanese

JCS Jewish Communal Service

JOUR Journalism

LAS Latin American Studies

LAT Latin

LGLS Legal Studies

LING Linguistics and CognitiveScience

LS Literary Studies

MATH Mathematics

MEVL Medieval Studies

MUS Music

NBCH Neuroscience and Biochemistry

NBIO Neuroscience and Biology

NEJS Near Eastern and JudaicStudies

NEUR Neuroscience

NPHY Neuroscience and Physics

NPSY Neuroscience and Psychology

PAX Peace and Conflict Studies

PE Physical Education

PHBI Photobiology

PHIL Philosophy

PHSC Physical Science

PHYS Physics

POL Politics

PRSN Persian

PSYC Psychology

RECS Russian and European CulturalStudies

REES Russian and East EuropeanStudies

RUS Russian

SANS Sanskrit

SECS Spanish and European CulturalStudies

SID Sustainable InternationalDevelopment

SOC Sociology

SPAN Spanish

THA Theater Arts

USEM University Seminar inHumanistic Inquiries

WL University Writing Seminar

WMNS Women's Studies

YDSH Yiddish