1999-2000 Romance and Comparative Literature

1999-2000 Bulletin Entry for:

Romance and Comparative Literature

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Stephen Gendzier, Cochair and French and Francophone Area Head

Luis Yglesias, Cochair and Spanish and Italian Area Head

French and Comparative Literature

Stephen Gendzier

Enlightenment. Diderot. French-English 18th-century crosscurrents. Dada and surrealism.

Jane Hale

French and comparative literature. Twentieth-century French fiction and drama. Beckett, Queneau. Literature and painting. Francophone literature of Africa and the Caribbean.

Erica Harth

Seventeenth- and 18th-century French prose. Cultural studies and comparative literature. Feminism and gender studies.

Edward Kaplan

French romanticism. Michelet. Hugo. Modern French poetry and theory. Baudelaire. Jabès. Bonnefoy. Religion and literature. Translation.

Michael Randall, French and Francophone Area Undergraduate Advising Head

Late Medieval and Renaissance poetry, prose, and philosophy.

Italian and Comparative Literature

Richard Lansing, Comparative Literature Area Head and Undergraduate Advising Head and Italian Undergraduate Advising Head

Dante. Italian and European Renaissance. Courtly tradition. Modern Italian literature.

Spanish and Comparative Literature

Roxanne Dávila

Modern and contemporary Latin American literature and culture. Latin studies.

Dian Fox

Spanish medieval. Spanish golden age (16th- and 17th-century) drama, prose, poetry. Cervantes.

James Mandrell

Modern and contemporary Spanish literature. Genre and gender. Film.

Angela María Pérez

Colonial Latin American literature. Latin American film and cultural studies. Latin American women writers.

Luis Yglesias, Spanish Area Undergraduate Advising Head

Poetry and narrative: traditional, modern, contemporary. Native American literature. Myth and folklore.


Linda Cregg-Nielsen

French language.

Hollie Harder

French language.

Esther Ratner

French language.


Paola Servino

Italian language.


Armando Brito

Spanish language.

Victoria Cerrudo

Spanish language.

Dora Older

Spanish language.

Esther Ratner

Spanish language.

Nidia Schuhmacher

Spanish language.


For course offerings and requirements for concentration, see Comparative Literature, European Cultural Studies, French, Italian, and Spanish.