1999-2000 Non-Western and Comparative Studies

1999-2000 Bulletin Entry for:

Non-Western and Comparative Studies

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The non-Western and comparative studies requirement encourages students to explore through various disciplines cultures beyond the Western tradition. The common goal of courses in the program is to acquaint students with worldviews, indigenous intellectual traditions, and social institutions that have developed largely outside the traditions of European society and its North American transplants. By examining some particular culture, society, or region of the non-Western world (such as those of Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, and Oceania) or by systematically comparing a range of values and institutions across cultural boundaries, students are expected to broaden their understanding of human achievements and potentialities beyond their own heritage. The program includes the comparative analysis of cultures and their interactions and draws attention to the intellectual problems inherent in the study of cultural systems other than one's own.

Courses of Instruction


AAAS 18b

Africa and the West

AAAS 60a

Economics of Third World Hunger

AAAS 80a

Economy and Society in Africa

AAAS 85a

Survey of Southern African History

AAAS 115a

Introduction to African History

AAAS 123a

Third World Ideologies

AAAS 126b

Political Economy of the Third World

AAAS 132b

Introduction to African Literature

AAAS 133b

The Literature of the Caribbean

AAAS 134b

Novel and Film of the African Diaspora

AAAS 147b

Women in African Societies

AAAS 158a

Theories of Development and Underdevelopment

AAAS 164a

Changing Institutions of Contemporary Africa

AAAS 167a

African and Caribbean Comparative Political Systems

AAAS 175a

Comparative Politics of North Africa



Introduction to the Comparative Study of Human Societies

ANTH 20b

The Development of Human Food Production

ANTH 55a

Development and the Third World

ANTH 62a

Non-Western Musical Traditions

ANTH 80a

World Religions

ANTH 105a

Symbol, Myth, and Ritual

ANTH 133a

Tradition and the Contemporary Experience in Sub-Saharan Africa

ANTH 134a

South Asia: Tradition and the Contemporary Experience

ANTH 135b

Modern South Asia: Society and Politics

ANTH 142a

AIDS in the Third World

ANTH 144a

The Anthropology of Gender

ANTH 147b

The Rise of Mesoamerican Civilization

ANTH 156a

Power and Violence: The Anthropology of Political Systems

ANTH 163b

Economic Anthropology: Production and Distribution


ECON 26a

(Formerly ECON 25a)

Latin America's Economy

ECON 27b

The Economy of Japan

ECON 163a

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation


FA 12a

History of Asian Art

FA 13b

Buddhist Art

FA 14a

When Tokyo Was Called Edo: Japanese Art from Edo to Meiji

FA 24b

Twentieth-Century and Contemporary Latin American Art

FA 179b

Chinese Landscape Painting

FA 181b

The Art of Japan


FREN 165b

Topics in Francophone Literatures


HIST 71a

Latin American History, Pre-Conquest to 1870

HIST 71b

Latin American History, 1870 to the Present

HIST 80a

Introduction to East Asian Civilization

HIST 80b

East Asia in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries

HIST 173a

Race and Culture in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Brazil

HIST 173b

Latin American Women: Historical Perspectives

HIST 174a

U.S.-Caribbean Relations, 1898 to the Present

HIST 175a

Modern Mexico

HIST 176a

The Emergence of Modern Japan

HIST 181a

Seminar on Traditional Chinese Thought


HIP 20a

Imagining How We Are: East and West I

HIP 20b

Imagining How We Are: East and West II

HIP 30b

The Persistence of Tradition: An Introduction to Japanese Poetry, Drama, Fiction, and Film


IMES 104a

Islam: Civilization and Institutions


LGLS 124b

Law and Development: International Perspectives


NEJS 109a

Ancient Near Eastern History and Culture I

NEJS 113b

Near Eastern Law: Source, Sense, and Society

NEJS 128a

Explorations in Islamic Literature I: The Arab World

NEJS 128b

Explorations in Islamic Literature II: The Persian World

NEJS 142b

Dealing with Evil in Ancient Babylon and Beyond: Magic and Witchcraft in Antiquity

NEJS 144a

Jews in the World of Islam

NEJS 145b

The Making of the Modern Middle East

NEJS 147a

The Rise and Decline of the Ottoman Empire, 1300-1800

NEJS 148a

Radical Islam

NEJS 156b

Ancient Near Eastern Religion and Mythology

NEJS 161b

The Monument and the City

NEJS 171b

Describing Cruelty

NEJS 195b

The Woman's Voice in the Muslim World

NEJS 197a

Issues in Contemporary Arab Social and Political Thought


PHIL 119b

Chinese Philosophy


POL 128a

The Politics of Revolution: State Violence and Popular Insurgency in the Third World

POL 133a

Japanese Political Economy

POL 140a

Politics of Africa

POL 141a

Politics of Southern Africa

POL 144a

Latin American Politics I

POL 144b

Latin American Politics II

POL 146b

Revolutions in the Third World

POL 147a

The Government and Politics of China

POL 147b

Seminar: The Modern Chinese Revolution

POL 148a

Seminar: Contemporary Chinese Politics

POL 150a

Politics of Southeast Asia

POL 151b

Seminar: Nationalism and Development

POL 170b

Seminar: The Low-Income States and the Global System

POL 179a

Seminar: Politics and Hunger

POL 180b

Sustaining Development


SOC 107a

Global Apartheid and Global Social Movements

SOC 125b

U.S.-Caribbean Relations

SOC 171a

Women Leaders and Transformation in Developing Countries


SPAN 111b

Introduction to Latin American Literature

SPAN 163a

Modern Latin American Fiction: The "Boom" and Beyond

SPAN 164b

Studies in Latin American Literature

SPAN 190b

Latin American Fiction in Translation

SPAN 192a

Contemporary Hispanic Women's Fiction in Translation