University Bulletin 2001-02
Internet Studies Program


The Internet provides powerful tools to change how we work, how we play, how we learn, how we live. Its significance may well rival that of the printing press and of writing itself, with a timetable that is enormously accelerated. By supporting rapid and cheap communications it has fostered a truly global economic system and transformed societies throughout the world. The program in Internet Studies affords opportunities for students and faculty members to study the evolution of this revolutionary technology and its pervasive political, economic, cultural, and artistic ramifications in a multidisciplinary framework. It highlights the socioeconomic forces that shape the Internet and the global response to it and helps students to frame the information revolution in critical perspective. The program's interdisciplinary approach adds an important liberal arts perspective for students whose focus is primarily technical and supplies the essential technical component for students whose primary interests lie in the realm of social, humanities, and artistic concerns.

How to Become a Program Member

The program is open to all Brandeis undergraduates. To enroll in the program, consult with a member of the Internet Studies Program committee and fill out declaration forms from the Office of Academic Affairs. Students who complete the requirements of the program receive Internet Studies certificates and notations on their transcripts.


Timothy Hickey, Chair

(Computer Science)

Pamela Allara

(Fine Arts)

Anne Carter


Richard Gaskins

(American Studies)

Benjamin Gomes-Casseres

(International Economics and Finance)

Caren Irr


David Jacobson


Requirements for the Program

Students must complete six courses. Students may "double count" only two courses toward their concentration and this program

A. Two core courses: COSI 2a (Introduction to Computers) and COSI 33b (Internet and Society). Computer science concentrators may substitute COSI 21a for COSI 2a.

B. Three elective courses from the program listing. The list of approved elective courses will change from year to year as the departments, the Internet, and society changes.

C. One senior research course: an independent study, internship, or senior honors thesis in the student's department of concentration (with an emphasis on some aspect of Internet Studies as approved by a member of the program's faculty), or a senior seminar in Internet Studies if offered.

Courses of Instruction

INET 92a and b Internship in Internet Studies

Signature of Professor Hickey required.

Usually offered every year.


INET 97a and b Senior Seminar

Signature of the instructor required.

Usually offered every year.


INET 98a and b Independent Study

Signature of the instructor required.

Usually offered every year.


Core Courses


Introduction to Computers

COSI 33b

Internet and Society

Elective Courses

The following courses approved for the program. Not all given in any one year. Please consult the Course Schedule each semester.

ANTH 138a

Social Relations in Cyberspace

ANTH 174b

Virtual Communities

COSI 11a

Programming in Java and C

COSI 125a

Human Computer Interaction

ECON 141b

Technological and Economic Change

ENG 101b


IEF 148a

Business on the Internet

FA 20b

Introduction to Visual Culture

LGLS 129b

Law, Technology, and Innovation

LGLS 150a

Law and Society in Cyberspace