University Bulletin 2001-02
Library Intensive Program

The Library Intensive Program is a special academic service that enables Brandeis students to develop the sophisticated information retrieval skills essential to modern life, in the context of formal degree programs and beyond. It is not a formal major, minor, or program.

In the courses listed below, instructional time is devoted to the formal acquisition of library research skills, including the use of more specialized resources such as scientific databases, full text electronic databases, specialized abstract and indexing services, archival resources, and Internet resources. Students are thus equipped to find and evaluate information from a wide variety of sources.

Courses of Instruction

American Studies

AMST 20a

Environmental Issues

AMST 104b

Brandeis and Its Environs: The Geographic Analysis of Your Community

AMST 105a

The Eastern Forest: Paleoecology to Policy


BIOL 27a

Aquatic Ecology

BIOL 37b

Biology of Extreme Environments

BIOL 50b

Biology of Behavior

BIOL 60b


BIOL 160b

Human Reproductive Biology

BIOL 172b

Growth Control and Cancer



Forensic Science: Col. Mustard, Candlestick, Billiard Room

CHEM 95a

Directed Studies in Chemistry

CHEM 99d

Senior Research

Computer Science

COSI 33b

Internet and Society

Fine Arts

FA 197b

Methods and Approaches in the History of Art

The Heller Graduate School

HS 303a

Historical and Contemporary Developments in Social Welfare

HS 549a

Family Policy

Latin American Studies

LAS 100a

Seminar: Topics in Latin American Studies

Legal Studies

LGLS 137a

Libel and Defamation, Privacy and Publicity


MUS 110b

The Authenticity Question: Applying Historical Performance Practices


POL 159a

Seminar: The Politics of the Modern Welfare State: Women, Workers, and Social Citizenship


PSYC 152a

Experimental Psychology


SOC 131b

Women's Biography and Society

SOC 136b

Historical and Comparative Sociology

Spanish Language and Literature

SPAN 111b

Introduction to Latin American Literature

SPAN 125b

Literary Women in Early Modern Spain