University Bulletin 2002-03
University Writing

The writing requirement is satisfied by completing one of the following options:

Option I: One University Seminar in Humanistic Inquiries Plus Writing (USEM+W) course taken in the first year, plus two writing intensive courses. The USEM+W course has a fourth hour of instruction focusing on composition that is closely linked, thematically and stylistically, to the academic disciplines that define the context and content of the course.

Option II: One University Writing Seminar (UWS) taken in the first year, plus one writing intensive course, in addition to a University Seminar in Humanistic Inquiries (also taken in the first year). The UWS is a full-credit course specifically dedicated to writing as a subject in its own right; it treats writing as a multifaceted art and gives students an opportunity to study and experiment with a broad range of writing styles.

All first year students will thus complete either a USEM+W or a UWS course. Both courses place special emphasis on forms of argumentation. Other areas of attention include critical reading, essay structure, revising, research skills, and proper documentation.

Writing Intensive courses are upper-level courses that are offered in departments throughout the University. Normally taken in a student's second or third year, these courses are based in a specific academic discipline and require frequent or regular attention to writing and instruction in the skills of academic writing.

The list of courses that satisfy the Writing Intensive requirement changes each year. The following list should be considered preliminary, courses that satisfy the requirement in a particular semester are designated "wi" in the course schedule for that semester. When there is a conflict between this Bulletin and the Course Schedule(s) regarding the designation of a course as Writing Intensive, then the information in the Course Schedule takes precedence. Consult with the director of University Writing if in doubt about whether a course satisfies the requirement in a specific semester.

Courses of Instruction

COMP 1a Composition
Prerequisite: Placement by the director of University Writing. Enrollment limited to 10 per section. Successful completion of this course does NOT satisfy the first-year writing requirement.
A course in the fundamentals of writing, required as a prerequisite to the first-year writing requirement for selected students identified by the Director of University Writing. Several sections will be offered in the fall semester.

UWS ##a and ##b University Writing Seminar
Enrollment limited to 17. Four semester hour credits.
A course in college writing, with stress on writing sound argumentative essays that demonstrate mechanical and stylistic expertise. This course satisfies Option II of the first-year writing requirement. Offered every semester.

Writing Intensive Courses

American Studies

AMST 100a
Classic Texts in the American Culture to 1900


ANTH 83a
Anthropological Inquiry

ANTH 138a
Social Relations in Cyberspace

ANTH 144a
The Anthropology of Gender


BIOL 18a
General Biology Laboratory

BIOL 160b
Human reproductive and Developmental Biology


CHIN 105b
Advanced Conversation and Composition II

Classical Studies

CLAS 115b
Topics in Greek and Roman History

Comparative Literature

COML 130a
Poetic Voices of Protest


The Global Economy


ENG 6a
American Literature from 1832 to 1900

ENG 106b
American Utopias

European Cultural Studies

ECS 100a
European Cultural Studies: The Proseminar
(Fall term--Mr. Dowden only)

French Language and Literature

FREN 106b
L'Art d'écrire: French Composition

FECS 145a
Topics in French Fiction in Translation

FREN 150b
Topics in French Poetry

Hebrew Language and Literature
HBRW 123a (formerly HBRW 110a)
Introduction to Modern Hebrew Literature I

HBRW 123b (formerly HBRW 110b)
Introduction to Modern Hebrew Literature II

HBRW 143a (formerly HBRW 111a)
Advanced Survey of Hebrew and Israeli Literature I

HBRW 143b (formerly HBRW 111b)
Advanced Survey of Hebrew and Israeli Literature II

HBRW 146a (formerly HBRW 107a)
The Voices of Jerusalem

HBRW 161b (formerly HBRW 106b)
Israel Today - Advanced Conversation and Writing

HBRW 164b (formerly HBRW 104b)
Israeli Theater

HBRW 166b (formerly HBRW107b)
Portrait of the Israeli Woman

HBRW 170a (formerly HBRW 104a)
Israeli Cinema


HIST 158b
Social History of the Confederate States of America

HIST 169a
Thought and Culture in Modern America

Latin American Studies

LAS 100a
Topics in Latin American Studies

Legal Studies

LGLS 120a
Sex discrimination and the Law

LGLS 127b
Law and Letters in American Culture

LGLS 129b
Law, Technology, and Innovation


MATH 23b
Introduction to Proofs

MATH 36b
Mathematical Statistics

MATH 47a
Introduction to Mathematical Research

Near Eastern and Judaic Studies

NEJS 86b
Introduction to Yiddish Prose

NEJS 162a
American Judaism


PSYC 152a
Experimental Psychology
(Fall term--Ms. Sherman only)


SOC 189a
Sociology of Body and Health

Spanish Language and Literature

SPAN 106b
Spanish Composition, Grammar, and Stylistics