FREN 106B Intro video


This video features one image with voice over.        

Image: [Professor Hollie Harder sits at her desk in front of the camera and speaks to us.]        


[Bonjour! Je m'appelle Hollie Harder. Bienvenue au français 106. Hello, my name is Holly harder. Welcome to French 106. This is a video that describes what you will learn and accomplish in this advanced intermediate language and culture course at Brandeis University. If you have any questions about placement, please feel free to contact me at harder H A R D E And even though this video is in English, this course will be taught completely in French.

In this course in French 106, you will continue to perfect your spoken and written French language skills. In this writing workshop, you will write six different types of texts always with chances to revise and improve your work in order to advance the ways in which you express yourself in writing and the ways in which you present your ideas to others. We will work together in a workshop style in order to create a portrait of a friend or family member, a narrative of an event, an informational presentation, a piece of persuasive writing, an analysis of a fable by La Fontaine, and an analysis of a story, a short story by Albert Camus. In addition, we'll look at the film based on the short story by Camus and together we will work on a film critique of this film. 

In addition, the 106 course satisfies the Digital Literacy requirement at Brandeis University, and students in the 106 course will use digital tools in order to create texts and images, in order to evaluate the reliability of sources, and to select, organize, and present information in effective and appealing ways. This course is the first course in the French major and is also the gateway so that you can continue to explore French culture, literature, and film. But in addition, you will have the opportunity to study subjects such as gender, the environment, urban development, humor, food and identity, Québec, the Mediterranean world and so on.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at harder H A R D E  Thanks for watching, and I hope to see you soon in French 106.]