FREN 139A Intro video


This video features one image with voice over.

Image: [Professor Hollie Harder sits at her desk.]


[Bonjour! Je m'appelle Hollie Harder. Et bienvenu a français 139A, Bad boys and bad girls du mauvais genre. Hello! My name is Hollie Harder Welcome to French 139A, Bad girls and bad boys du mauvais genre. This is a video that describes what you will learn and accomplish in this course at Brandeis. And even though this video is in English, the course we taught entirely in French.

 So, in this course we will explore the role of gender and the fate of those who have who have rebelled against it in French cultures and in Francophone societies from the Middle Ages to the present-day students will work collaboratively to identify ways in which social and cultural norms about what constitutes a good girl or bad girl, a good boy, or bad boy are communicated to images, literary texts, socio-cultural analyses and films produced in French.

During their discovery of how those who fail to follow gender norms are penalized punished or urged to change the behavior, students will develop skills of analysis and reflection, gaining a deeper sensitivity of how social messages today influence ideas about gender and increasing their awareness of their own place within today's gendered world. during the semester, students will choose a specific example of a bad girl or a bad boy in Francophone culture. 

And at the end of the term, they will present their findings to the class. Together we will come to a consensus about the current status of bad girls and bad boys within the French speaking world. This reflection will help students analyze their own gendered place in the global world and help them understand how gender expectations may differ according to national cultures. 

If you have any questions about this course, please feel free to contact me at harder H A R D E Thank you for watching, and I look forward to seeing you in French 139A.]