HISP 108


This video features a montage of images with voice over.

On-screen text: [Spanish Language Courses, Brandeis University]

A mosaic animation dissolves the tiles to new text: [Hisp108: Spanish for Heritage Speakers, Brandeis University]

A video of a woman talking to the camera appears on the screen along with the woman’s name, Prof. Raysa Mederos.

Voice-over: " ¡Hola! Mi nombre es Raysa Mederos. Voy a hablar sobre el curso de Spanish for Heritage Speakers, Hisp 108. Hisp 108 es un curso de escritura intensiva que cumple el requisito para la especialización en español. Este curso fue diseñado para estudiantes bilingües cuya educación formal fue principalmente en inglés.”

Translation of the Spanish Audio track is available by chosing English for the sub-titles.  We are including the translation in this transcript: [Hi! My name is Raysa Mederos. I’m going to talk about the course, Spanish for Heritage Speakers, Hisp 108. Hisp 108 is a writing intensive course that fulfills the major/minor requirement in Hispanic Studies. This course was designed for bilingual students whose formal education was mainly in English.]

Voice-over: "En clase vamos a explorar, discutir y escribir sobre temas contemporáneos de interés como inmigración,”

Image on screen changes to: [photo of two sides of the US/Mexican border. On the left there are only a few buildings close to the border line (it is hard to see if there is a wall or a fence but there is a very clear line of demarcation) and what appears to be a stark, perhaps government, compound. On the right side of the border there is a densely populated city all the way to the horizon.]

Voiceover: “la comunidad latina,”

Image changes to: [mural on  side of The Nuyorican Poets Cafe on Lower East Side of Manhattan. The exterior walls are painted by a local artist "Chico" and depict 5 slightly larger than life-size men with faces obscured under their hats and to the right of a door a huge painting of the very sad face of a man with a mustache.]

Voice-over: "identidad, raza, etnicidad, la lengua,”

Image changes to: [a black and white photo of poet and visual artist, Sandra Maria Esteves, one of the founding poets of the Nuyorican poetry movement.]

Voice-over: "nuestras historias y experiencias.”

Image changes to: [photo of Pedro Pietri, Nuyorican hero and poet with his son, Speedo Juan Pietri standing in front of brightly colored mural.]

Translation: [In class we will explore, discuss and write about contemporary themes of interest such as immigration, the Latinx community, identity, race, ethnicity, language, our stories and experiences.]

Image returns to: [Professor Mederos speaking.]

Voiceover: “En clase nos vamos a enfocar en el estudio de puntos gramaticales específicos a las necesidades de hablantes bilingües. También en clase vamos a practicar técnicas para hacer la escritura más concisa y fluida. Nuestra escritura se va a alimentar de la lectura de varios textos que van a apoyar los temas que vamos a discutir en clase.”

Translation: [In class we’ll focus on grammatical points specific to the needs of bilingual students. We will practice techniques to make our writing more concise and fluid. Our writing will be informed by reading various texts which support the themes which we will discuss in class.]

Voiceover: “Este curso va a preparar al estudiante para tomar cursos más avanzados ya que el enfoque será escritura académica. Este curso no es sólo un curso de lengua Es una comunidad de la comunidad hispanohablante en Brandeis y espero que sea un curso que te interese.”

Translation: [Hisp 108 will prepare students to take more advanced classes since the focus is academic writing. This is not just a language course, it’s a community of the Brandeis Spanish speaking community. I hope you are interested!]

Text on screen: SP 108, [HISP 108, Spanish for Heritage Speakers. Designed specifically for students who grew up speaking Spanish and who would like to enhance existing language skills while developing higher levels of academic proficiency. Assignments are geared toward developing skills in reading, writing, and critical thinking about U.S. Latinx and the Spanish-speaking world. Students may use this course to fulfill the foreign language requirement. Consent code required.]

Text changes to: [Para más información, visita nuestra página web, brandeis.edu/romance-studies Brandeis Univeristy]