HISP 10a


Beginning Spanish

This video features a montage of images with voice over.

Image: [The opening page is an aerial view of Madrid, Spain.]

Voice-over: "Perhaps you're taking a language course because of the Brandeis language requirement or perhaps you're interested in discovering a new culture or perhaps you are aware of the practical and cognitive benefits of being multilingual whatever your reason is for selecting a language course at Brandeis Spanish 10a might be what you're looking for. Spanish 10a is for the true beginner and assumes you have no previous study in the language."

Image on screen changes to: [a line of 6 photos of multi-racial and cultural, fashionable and attractive young adults.]

Voice-over: "In the course we move beyond the "hola, cómo estás, bien y tú" script and learn how to communicate with others in the language. Throughout our thematic units of study we learn how to introduce ourselves to the Spanish speaking community, talk about our university studies, describe ourselves, our friends and our families, plan a vacation and discuss our likes, discuss our likes, dislikes, our feelings and our preferences.”

Image on screen changes to: [a boy overlooking ruins of an ancient city in the mountains through the mist.]

Voice-over: "We do all this in the context of observing our own culture as well as different Spanish language cultures and not only do we make comparisons between ourselves”

Image on screen changes to: [a man with sunglasses in an open orange, down parka walking in a cross-walk of an old city.]

Voice-over: "and different cultures but we also make comparisons between different cultures that lie within the Spanish language community." 

Image on screen changes to: [another city scene, this time in Cuba. A  man carrying a paper walks in the street towards an old 50’s era car past ornate, brightly colored buildings.]

Voice-over: "Throughout the course we spend time reflecting on who we are as individuals and as a class, and we reflect on the similarities and differences we share with each other and with different Spanish language communities.”

Image on screen changes to: [Mural on upper portion of building of Ciudad Universitaria, UNAM, México.]

Voice-over: “Most importantly, in class we use language to interact with each other and prepare ourselves to interact with the Spanish language community. Spanish 10a is not a study of the grammar or of the language.“

Image on screen changes to: [2 pictures of students in class.]

 Voice-over: “Students in Spanish 10 do not take a passive role in the course. They are at the center of everything we do in class.”

Image on screen changes to: [A photo of two, seated young women facing each other over a small table apparently mid-conversation.As the voice-over continues, photos are added to the montage: photo 2 is of  books with a kindle in front of them;photo 3 is of two women talking to each other sitting on the sill of a picture window in front of another many-windowed building; and photo 4 shows just the arms and hands of someone writing on paper next to a computer keyboard.These photos are one by one replaced by a phone with a video play icon on it; someone reading a magazine; a group of 5 students talking to each other; a woman writing and a man working on a computer sitting next to each other seemingly working on the same project.]

Voice-over: “Students will actively practice their listening skills, their reading skills, speaking skills, and writing skills. Students will watch videos, read authentic materials from various sources, converse with each other and collaborate to create texts using the language."

Image on screen changes to: [HISP 10A, Beginning Spanish]

Voice-over: “If you are intimidated by the description of the course, don't be. Remember: Spanish 10a is for the true beginner. If you have any questions, visit us at brandeis.edu/romance-studies or email the Spanish Language Director today."